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    • Year: 1969
    • Make: DODGE
    • Model: CHARGER
    • Trim: GENERAL LEE
    • Stock: 12973
    • Mileage: 114000
    • Engine Size: 360
    • Transmission: AUTOMATIC
    • Exterior Color: ORANGE
    • Interior Color: SADDLE
    • Vin: XP29F9BXXXXXX

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    The Research on this car is an on-going effort.  Check back for updates.  If you have any additional information, send it to

    General Lee #8.  This is documented as one of the original Dodge Chargers bought by Warner Bros. in 1978 for use during the Georgia filming of the first episodes of Dukes of Hazzard. 


    For the first episodes there were a total of 8 Dodge Chargers bought by Warner Bros. to be used as General Lees.  The first three Generals were built in California and delivered to Georgia where transportation coordinator John Marendi labeled the cars as Lee 1, 2, and 3.  After filming began in GA, the General Lees were wrecked quickly and it became apparent that more were needed.  Employed by Warner Bros., Don Schisler, one of the original builders of the Georgia General Lees and transportation coordinator for Dukes of Hazzard, bought an additional 5 Chargers for a disaster-bound transformation into General Lees.  After filming ended in Georgia, Don Schisler bought, from Warner Bros., this Dodge Charger which had been previously un-used, on film, for his personal ownership and use as a General Lee.  Since Schisler bought this Charger from Warner Bros. it was not shipped to California, like the other surviving cars which were later used for the continued filming of Dukes of Hazzard.  Because of this, it was able to survive its otherwise doomed fate of being jumped or crashed and becoming one of the 249 General Lees wrecked during the filming in the years to come.


    This particular General Lee disappeared in 1980 when Don Schisler sold the car because of the amount of attention he got with it; people would see the car in his drive-way and actually stop at his home looking for the Duke boys!!  The car was sold to private hands and just resurfaced in 2008 when we purchased it.  Only about 1500 miles had been put on the car since Schisler sold it in 1980.


    This Charger is all original as the day it was transformed into a General Lee back in 1979.  It still has its original Flame Orange paint and is one of the few General Lees to be wearing its original 01, confederate flag and GENERAL LEE  accents that were hand painted by Larry West.  It has many rare parts on the car that were salvaged from the other screen used General Lee's after they met their demise.  The roll bar was salvaged from Lee #1, it has an original narrow front bumper push bar and the grey 14" Vector wheels.  The second season cars had wide pushbars and cheaper, but similar black 15" wheels.  It is a true C6T tan interior car and has a real tan interior, not painted!  This General may have never made its dbut on the screen but its for that reason that it still exists today in its pristine, un-abused condition as when it was originally transformed by The Generals First Men. 


    There is a 3 ring binder documenting this cars history, a complete timeline from prior to Warner Bros purchasing the car until present.  Included are notarized bills of sales when Warner Bros purchased the car and when they sold it to Schilser.  In addition to the pile of paperwork, we also have pictures of the car in its original condition, on set, sitting next to Lee 1 (in the pictures, it's the gold car in the background, the smashed up car is LEE 1).  Because this General was sold to a Warner Bros. employee, it slipped through the cracks and was sold without any contracts forbidding commercial use.  The car has also been signed by the majority of the cast members, signatures were documented with photos.  The last photo images are of the car on set before and after it became a General Lee.  It is the gold car in the photos and the last 3 are of it in progress, having its graphics painted on and at H&H Body Shop which was the body / mechanical shop for the GA Lees. 

    ******* Update*******


    Over the years the Volo Auto Museum has been researching this car to provide more specific details on the cars history.  New evidence and facts have surfaced about the car as well as photos and additional documentation to provide a timeline of the car during its transformation to fame. Our efforts are still ongoing and new information is still forthcoming.  


    • 11/24/78 Warner Bros. Purchased this Dodge Charger.
    • 12/20/78 Episode V High Octane was filmed and was the last episode filmed in GA.
    • xx/xx/xx The remaining usable vehicles were sent back to CA which included 3 General Lees
    • xx/xx/xx Warner Bros. commissioned Don Schisler to build an additional 2 General Lees to be sent to CA.
    • xx/xx/xx This General Lee and one more General Lee were built at H&H body shop.  1 was shipped to CA and the other sold to Don Schisler.
    • 12/01/79 Don S. purchased this car from WB for $10 and consideration
    • 11/06/80 Dons son John sold this car for $4400 to Jon Blanchette
    • 06/17/88 Car was sold to Richard Lyons
    • 09/16/08 Car was purchased by Volo Auto Museum
    ****** Update*******
    Got off the phone with Wayne Wooten of the Charger Registry who says the car was ordered to be prepped for use by Warner Bros.  He says he has video of Don Schilser and John Schisler talking specifically about this car and will send it to me soon.  He mentioned that John Schneider and John Schisler were good friends and would take this car out "on the town".  Looking forward to hearing all the stories about this car from John. 




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