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    APPRAISED VALUE: $45,000

    • Year: 1982
    • Make: PONTIAC
    • Model: TRANS AM
    • Stock: KITTFS
    • Engine Size: 305 CROSSFIRE
    • Transmission: AUTOMATIC
    • Exterior Color: Black
    • Interior Color: Beige/Tan

    The iconic Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT) car  For Sale !

     Yes ! The 1982 Pontiac Trans Am from the adventure TV series Knight Rider !!! The Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT) was a supercar that talked to David Hasselhoff for four seasons between 1982 and 1986.

     Voted  #7 in The 100 Greatest Movie and TV Cars of All Time by Edmunds *(see footnote) this car is sure to attract a crowd anywhere it shows up!

     The dash is fully functional and is season 1, 2. The headlights and fog lights have been changed to HID.clean title no mechanical issues, passes smog. The key features of the star car are intact. Perhaps most important, the red scanner light on the nose glows and makes a humming noise.

    The television car features a complicated, fully illuminated dash with real functioning digital gauges and dual RCA screens,  gullwing steering wheel
    , upper console, lower console, and all pod units are complete with buttons and displays as they were in the show! The car is fully drivable and has a stereo system with DVD/CD/MP3 player, Bluetooth and speakers. The car is the very first car built by Billy Gunter from Knight Designs. The car is signed by cast members from TV series Knight Rider !!


    KITT is the acronym for Knight Industries Two Thousand. KITT is an artificially intelligent electronic computer module installed in a highly advanced, very mobile, robotic automobile

    In the television show's history, the first KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) was said to have been designed by the late Wilton Knight, a brilliant but eccentric billionaire and founder of the fictional Foundation for Law And Government (FLAG) and its parent Knight Industries.

    According to the series, the original KITT's main cybernetic processor was first installed in a mainframe computer used by the United States government in Washington, D.C.[1] However, Wilton saw better use for "him" in the Foundation's crime-fighting crusade and eventually the system was installed in the vehicle. KITT was in fact the second vehicle built by Knight Industries with artificial intelligence.

    The character of KITT in the original Knight Rider series was physically embodied as a modified 1982 Pontiac Trans Am with numerous special features such as Turbo Boost (which allowed quick bursts of speed or jumping over obstacles), the ability to drive 'himself', a front mounted scanner bar that (among other things) allowed KITT to 'see', and 'molecular bonded shell' body armour that was portrayed to be invulnerable to diamond headed drills, small arms fire, the impact of thrown objects, and even high speed impact with cinder block wall. The armour could also resist most artillery and explosive blasts.

    KITT is essentially an advanced supercomputer on wheels. The "brain" of KITT is the Knight 2000 microprocessor which is the centre of a "self-aware" cybernetic logic module that allowed KITT to think, learn, communicate and interact with humans. He always had an ego that was easy to bruise and displayed a very sensitive, but kind and dryly humorous personality. He also has an in-dash entertainment system that can play music and video, and run various computer programs including arcade games which Michael sometimes indulged in while KITT was driving. . KITT is powered by the Knight Industries turbojet with modified afterburners and a computer controlled 8-speed turbodrive transmission. Specifications 0–60 mph in 2 seconds, standing to quarter mile 4.286 seconds. Electromagnetic hyper-vacuum disc brakes: 14 foot (4.25 m) braking distance (70–0 mph - 112–0 km/h).

    Used in most episodes, a pair of rocket boosters mounted just behind the front tires that lifted the car, allowing KITT to jump into the air and pass over obstacles in the road. Also, occasionally, Turbo Boost was used to allow KITT to accelerate to incredible speeds in excess of 200 mph (322 km/h). The boosters could fire forward or backward. Voice (Anharmonic) Synthesizer KITT's Voice Synthesizer allowed his logic module to speak and communicate. With it, KITT could also simulate other sounds. KITT's primary spoken language was English; however by accessing his language module, he could speak fluently in Spanish and French. KITT's most apparent feature was his front scan bar called the Anamorphic Equalizer. The device is a fibre-optic array of electronic eyes. The scanner could see in all visual wavelengths as well as X-ray and infrared. Occasionally, the bar could pulse in different patterns and sweep rapidly or very slowly. The scanner is also KITT's most vulnerable area. Microscanners using tiny audio and visual sensors embedded into the grooves of KITT's body allow for visual tracking and display of anything around the car. KITT could detect people and vehicles and track their movements and discern proximity. KITT could gather structural schematics of buildings, vehicles, or other devices and help Michael avoid potential danger when he was snooping. KITT could also monitor radio transmissions and telephone communications within a location and trace those calls.

    KITT could tap into computer systems to monitor, or upload and download information as long as he could break the access codes. KITT could deflate and re-inflate his tires.


    KITT was powered by a turbine engine primarily fueled by hydrogen gas. However, his complex fuel processor allows him to run on any combustible liquid, even regular gasoline.

    KITT had two front ejection seats, mostly used when Michael needed a boost to fire escapes or building roof tops.

    KITT could print hard copies of data on a dashboard-mounted printer.

    KITT could release oxygen into his driver compartment and provide air to passengers if he was ever submerged in water or buried in earth.

    The Ski Mode setting allowed KITT to "ski" (driving up on two wheels).

    KITT is in constant contact with Michael via a two-way communication wristwatch called "Comlink" ( in reality, a modified '80s LCD AM radio watch that Michael wore). The watch also had a micro camera and scanner that KITT could access to gather information.

    KITT was equipped with a Homing Device. In dire emergency, Michael can activate a secret homing beacon hidden inside a gold pendant he wears around his neck. The beacon sends a priority signal that can remotely activate KITT and override his programming so that he rushes to Michael's aid.



    KITT's total production cost was estimated at $11,400,000 in 1982 !!! It can be yours today for a mere $45,000 !!


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