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    APPRAISED VALUE: $350,000

    • Year: 1989
    • Make: BATMOBILE
    • Model: KEATON
    • Stock: BAT89
    • Engine Size: BOEING TURBINE
    • Exterior Color: BLACK
    • Interior Color: BLACK

    The world’s only Turbine Powered Bat Car.


    Street registered in the US and ready for immediate sale, this car needs little introduction as it has found international publicity in all forms of media.
    Completed in 2011, this car was constructed in a professional racing facility alongside Grand Prix, DTM, Indy and Sports Racing cars. Its construction is in a completely different league than both replicas and of course the movie prop cars. The perception of this car is best summed up by one comment from the huge cross section of media attention “Replica? I think the movie cars were replicas of this!” Having a perfect reliability record, this car is ready to be enjoyed by an enthusiast who is looking for the ultimate luxury in one-upmanship. “Born Rich” was quoted as saying “Unluckily this car is a one-off version, but had it not been so, it certainly would have been on the wish-list of every automobile lover.” Luckily though, exclusivity is ensured.

    Please see the imbedded videos that show the car being started and driven, as well as a clip from a documentary explaining the military drone helicopter from which this car’s engine had come from, and lastly of the car winning the “People’s Choice” award at the Ault Park Concours d’Elegance.


    The publicity of this car has had an on-going global reach. Here is a partial list of some of the coverage in the English speaking countries:


    Discovery Channel, AutoBlog, BBC’s Top Gear, Engadget, Wired, Gizmodo, MTV Geek, PC World, Yahoo, CNET, Slashdot, Tecca, Born Rich, YNET, The Escapist, Freshness, MSNBC, Geeky Gadgets, ABC, NBC, FOX, Das BILD, La Presse, Geek Beat TV, GizMag, Most Watched Today, etc…

    While there is much information about this car floating around the world, the media and “popular perception” can confuse details with myths. I invite serious buyers to call and learn the correct details and specifications for themselves.

    Main features:

    • Fully independent, cockpit adjustable suspension with disc brakes
    • Steel tubular space/monocoque chassis
    • 4 forward speed semi-automatic, sequentially shifted transmission with reverse
    • 365 horsepower Boeing turboshaft engine
    • Fiberglass and aluminum coachwork
    • Digital avionics and centrally mounted touch-screen iPad with 3G
    • Fuel cell and racing approved on-board halon fire extinguishing system
    • Approx. 2800 lbs.
    • DOT approved turn-signals, tail, and headlights
    • On-board air-compressor
    • Stereo
    • Air horn
    • Runs on Jet A, Kerosene, or Diesel fuel

    Some points:

    • The car drives just as well on the highway as it does on city streets and is operated similarly to any production car.
    • The turbine engine and its operation are quite simple and anyone with very basic instruction can operate it successfully.
    • Maintenance is exceedingly simple and the service intervals are actually less than that of normal production cars.
    • As the engine is US military in origin, it is of the finest quality and componentry.
    • The ride height of the car is cockpit adjustable much like the front of newer Lamborghinis allowing the owner to navigate different terrain.
    • Sound level is mostly treble so it seems loud up close, but quickly quiets as the car moves away. Cockpit sound level is acceptable.
    • Exhaust gasses, while hot, do not have the destructive force that popular myth assumes.
    • The car takes a few seconds to start and spin up to its idle speed, but is ready to drive immediately with no warm up period needed.


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