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Volo Auto Museum Consignment




Have a good battery and sufficient fuel, at least ½ a tank !

There is no bigger turn off to a buyer than jumping into a car with a dead battery and no gas. A full tank shows owners pride. Gas is available through VAM at $8 a gallon. Batteries available, most $100 installed.

Have a Clean Car

Nobody likes a dirty car. Prior to delivering your car, have it detailed. At no charge VAM will give your car a basic clean up of any dirt that may have been acquired during transportation to Volo. Detailing service is available through VAM and averages between $200 - $400. 

Give us the facts about your car

The more we know about your car, the better we can represent it ! Write up everything you know about vehicle. If you have not verified or do not know the common questions about your car, have someone inspect it for you. For your assistance Volo Auto Museum has created a survey of the most commonly asked questions. Click here to print your copy. VAM is available to inspect your consignment car for $85 per hour

The more we know about your car, the better we can represent it

*If you request any additional work, not normal of standard Volo Auto Museum procedure, VAM's hourly rate is $85.

Contact Information

Vehicle Information

Established in 1960 the Volo Auto Museum is the oldest classic car dealer around. Specializing in buying, consigning and selling muscle, antique, vintage and collector autos for sale. Unlike auctions, at our dealership you’ll be assisted by a knowledgeable sales member who will assist you with your purchase, including test drives, inspections, appraisals, shipping and financing