Cars of the Rich and Famous
Now Located in the Cars in Wonderland Showroom 

It was my 46th birthday and I wanted to ride in a convertible. 
So I treated myself to a luxury convertible that cost $365,000.  
This car is now on display at the
Volo Auto Museum 
Princess Diana
Worlds Most Beloved

The Rolls Royce from her last US visit, on display daily
Hi, I'm actor Tony Curtis.
During my life I had a net worth of
$60 million. If you were worth
$60 million, what would you drive?

Want to know what I chose? 

The answer might surprise you!
Oops I Did it Again!!!

What did I do?
And what was I driving?

Get the Exclusive at the
Volo Auto Museum!!
I’m a well known athlete with my own line of shoes. This is the actual Bentley that was my inspiration for one of my shoes design.

Who am I?
See Carroll Shelby's controversial, Oldsmobile Powered Sports Car
Which Beach Boys members purchased a new
Corvette ZR-1 in 1990?
Rod Stewart SCREAMED when he found out his gardener stole his yellow sports car!
What car did actress
Natalie Wood
drive around in
during the 1960's?
Zsa Zsa Gabor's
famous Rolls Royce convertible
she was driving during the famous Cop Slapping incident.
This is where billionaire TV producer Aaron Spelling lived.

Want to know what was in his garage? 
Nelson Rockefeller, credited to be one of the men who built America.

His 1956 Lincoln Mark II
was one of the most expensive
cars of its time. 
Its now on public display for the
first time ever
What Italian sports car did
Indy Race Car legend
Mario Andretti drive?
See his Devilish Red Sports Car

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