Hear the Ghost Tales behind the Haunted Volo Barn
and why its considered one of the most Haunted Locations in Illinois! 
When you take the Historic Trolley Tour.
A few of the many photos turned in by customers.

Actual Photo Taken from the 4th floor of the Barn.

Notice the positioning? It’s in front of the lady,

ruling out dust near the lens.
It also casts a shadow.


Same location as above,

4th floor, another woman

captured someone

peeking in the window.




Coming down the stairs

a photo was taken showing

someone peering around

the corner. Snapping a 2nd

picture, the image was gone.

Image sent in to us by a customer.

Discovery Channel captured video

of a Shadow Man in this stairwell.

Recently, a woman was shoved by
something unseen in this same location.

Click on the image to hear her audio.

CPI paranormal investigation team spent a night in the barn.  They heard foot steps from the upper floor.  But the other team was outside.  When on team member asked, "they're not up there, are they?"  They captured an EVP reply of "maybe". 
Click image to Listen 
An EVP session by CPI.  While no one was in the barn and the recorders were going, they captured a childs voice asking "Who's there?" and another voice replying "Me"
Click Image to Listen
 Video by the Daily Herald of Joe Cicero from Star 105.5. Joe says he was touched. When reviewing the video, they notice a voice laughing right after it happened.
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