Rolls Royce of Zsa Zsa cop-slap fame on 25th anniversary exhibit

For immediate release Contact: Brian Grams, director, Volo Auto Museum (815) 385-3644; (305) 781-0606; Zsa Zsa xxxx VOLO The 25th anniversary of the slap heard round the world is nearly here, and the Volo Auto Museum has brought out of hiding the Rolls that sparked the infamous celebrity squabble. Who of a certain age can forget the headlines that dominated the news after B-movie glamour queen Zsa Zsa Gabor slapped Beverly Hills cop Paul Kramer? It happened June 14, 1989, after Kramer pulled Gabor over for driving with an expired registration on her 1979 Rolls Royce Corniche convertible. The white convertible with its blue leather interior, still titled in Gabors name, has been brought out of the Grams familys private vault and placed on display to coincide with the anniversary, which also is Fathers Day weekend. People who are younger wont remember it, but their dads sure will, said Brian Grams, director of the museum at 27582 Volo Village Road, Volo. Why not bring dad out to see it? We have a lot of formerly celebrity-owned cars, and theyre all cool, he continued. But none are as cool as the ones that developed their own claim to fame the story surrounding this car landed Zsa Zsa on the talk shows of Johnny Carson, Phil Donahue and Larry King, among others, not to mention landing her in jail. Gabor, whose smiling mug shot became a familiar sight in 1989, was found guilty in September of that year after a highly publicized trial. She was ordered to spend three days in jail and perform 120 hours of community service. A curvaceous blonde once predominantly well-known for her multiple marriages (nine) and for calling everyone Dahling, the now 97-year-old Hungary-born actress forever will be remembered for the slap, Grams predicted. That incident and this Rolls are part of the fabric of Hollywood history, he said. We hope folks will come out to see it, and enjoy the rest of the collection, too. The Volo Auto Museum features hundreds of Hollywood, classic and antique cars, as well as kiddy rides, Disney and Loony Tunes dioramas and more. Hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. For other information, call (815) 385-3644, visit or send an email to ###