Duesenberg II

Duesenberg II, the fascinating story behind the car with mythical style and brilliant engineering.

Duesenberg II

Volo Auto Museum Has Been a Dealer For Duesenberg II Since 1977

Volo Auto Museum has been a dealer for Duesenberg II since we were established as an official dealer for the factory in 1977.  If you are interested in purchasing a Duesenberg II and would like to view our current offerings CLICK HERE.
Duesenberg II

Six Body Styles Offered

A total of six different body styles were produced from 1977 until 2011.  A grand total of only 71 Duesenberg II's were built by the Trademarked Company. Volo Museum remains home to the largest collection of Duesenberg II's in the world.  To view all six models CLICK HERE
Duesenberg II

Historical Preservation and Archive

After the production plant closed in 2011 Volo Auto Museum was entrusted with all the companies files for purpose of preserving the history of the Duesenberg II.  For the historic backstory to the Duesenberg II CLICK HERE
Duesenberg II

Endorsed by Automobile Aficionados

The Duesenberg II was not a recreation for the purpose of being an inexpensive alternative to the Duesenberg I but rather a driveable alternative for the aficionado.  To read a few examples of endorsment letters CLICK HERE
Duesenberg II

Who are the typical owners of Duesenberg IIs? 

Duesenberg IIs are generally owned and driven by the worlds elite.  Individuals who are powerful, wealthy and famous.  To find out who some of these people are CLICK HERE
Duesenberg II

Duesenberg IIs in Museums

From the Peterson to Le May, Duesenberg IIs can be seen in the finest museums in the world.  For museums where Duesenberg IIs can be viewed CLICK HERE
Duesenberg II

Duesenberg IIs in the Movies

From the Great Gatsby to The Last Ride, Duesenberg IIs can be spotted on the big screen.  For movies that featured Duesenberg IIs CLICK HERE.
Duesenberg II youtube

Duesenberg II Videos

Short videos about or featuring Duesenberg II cars.  Watch from a selection of videos by CLICKING HERE
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