Duesenbergs for Sale

Duesenberg vehicles represent a true piece of the American automotive industry. Featuring unique body styles, signature exterior shapes and luxurious interior designs, vintage car fans go to great lengths just to sit in one of these race cars of the early 20th Century. Seeing a Duesenberg vehicle in-person is a thrilling experience, but imagine having one of your very own. Volo Museum Auto Sales wants to help you get behind the wheel of an iconic Duesenberg release. Innovative cars dating back before the United States' Great Depression have a special place in our hearts, and you have the opportunity to test drive the ultimate American convertible.

What Are Vintage Duesenberg Vehicles?

Duesenberg was founded by two brothers, August and Frederick Duesenberg, back in 1913. Originating in Saint Paul, Minnesota, the family-based company specialized in racecar, marine and aircraft engines in response to World War I. By 1919, the brothers had relocated to Indiana to focus on American racecar designs for speedway competition settings.

Over time, Duesenberg Automobile & Motors Company, Inc. took the Indianapolis Motor Speedway by storm with experimental configurations. Before moving into luxury passenger cars, the Duesenberg brothers saw great success with performance engines across the 1920s.

Classic Duesenbergs for Sale

Volo Museum Auto Sales is the best way to find a well-kept and running Duesenberg. These production models were defunct by 1937, but Volo Auto Museum has classic releases restored to original specifications for your collection and your driving pleasure. Whether you are searching for an original release or a revival edition, look no further than Volo Auto Museum.

Unlike an auto auction, we let you test drive collector cars at our 35-acre facility. Our team is made up of classic car enthusiasts dedicated to connecting our customers with vehicles built for driving, such as the Duesenberg II.

Duesenberg II Car for Sale

While we always have our eyes open for original Model J vehicles, Duesenberg II cars are available now at Volo Auto Museum. These cars are factory-built reproduction models of the 1930s that experienced production runs between 1977 and 2011. They offer quintessential Duesenberg interior and exterior designs coupled with the reliability of the modern era.

Six different Duesenberg II models exist with extremely limited runs of each. Only 71 Duesenberg II vehicles were handcrafted during production. The releases include:

  • Duesenberg II SJ Speedster
  • Duesenberg II SJ Torpedo Roadster
  • Duesenberg II SJ Dual Cowl Phaeton
  • Duesenberg II SJ Murphy Roadster
  • Duesenberg II SJ Torpedo Phaeton
  • Duesenberg II SJ Torpedo Sedan

View our Duesenberg listings for descriptions, features and current conditions. With on-site maintenance inspections, no one treats car collectors quite like Volo Museum Auto Sales.

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