Classic Plymouth GTX for Sale

Volo Museum Auto Sales is proud to present this classic two-door beat, the 1970 Plymouth GTX. The fourth rendition of Plymouth's GTX line, the 1970 edition is known for its hardtop, signature front and rear fenders, and powerful 440-cid "Six Pack" V-8 engine. Test-drive a classic GTX and dozens of other luxury automobiles at Volo Museum Auto Sales in Volo, Illinois, today!

1970 Plymouth GTX

The 1970 Plymouth GTX is an intermediate-size muscle car originally designed to compete with the Pontiac GTO or Oldsmobile 4-4-3 and serve as a more affordable rendition of Plymouth's Road Runner. This edition features an automatic three-speed TourqueFlite transmission. At 204 inches in length, it shares a similar Coke-bottle shape with its 1968 and 1969 predecessors, yet outreaches them by about 1.3 inches. Combined with its 116-inch wheelbase, the 1970 GTX is fairly large for a mid-sized muscle car. Other features include:/p>


The 1970 GTX is a two-door hardtop with a handsome square-jaw look. Its power bulge Air Grabber hood has one opening scoop instead of the two narrow openings in the 1969 edition. The car also features non-functional rear brake air scoops for an extra-rugged look. Originally, you could find the 1970 GTX in one of eight Hi-impact colors covering various shades of blue, red, white, green, and black, with silver available upon special "on-a-Fury" request.


Inside, this classic GTX features comfortable front bucket seats, a 150-mph dial, and a luxurious three-spoke woodgrain steering wheel. For specific interior details, check out Volo's current listings.


The 1970 Plymouth GTX comes in a few reliable engine options:

  • V8 426-cid Hemi with 425 hp V8
  • 440-cid Six Pack 390 hp V8
  • 440-cid Hi-Perf four-barrel 375 hp

Volo Museum Auto Sales

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