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History of the GT500 | Shelby GT500 Guide

Posted on 2022-09-13

History of the GT500 An iconic car built by one of the all-time greats of American racing history, the GT500 is a car famous for its power and boundary-pushing build. Taking the best components and vehicles he could get, Carroll Shelby made superior use of these technologies and developed an actual racecar for the street. The success of Shelby cars has made the originals highly sought-after collectibles, and Mustang-lovers everywhere know that a Shelby Mustang is the standard to beat. From its famous first generation in the 1960s to its ...

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The Story Behind Ford Vs. Ferrari | Origins of Ford & Ferrari Rivalry

Posted on 2022-08-26

Few stories match the infamous Ford vs. Ferrari rivalry in the auto world. From the dramatic beginnings of a botched business deal to intense innovation and furious motivation, to great personalities and tragic endings — Ford vs. Ferrari is a story that seems written up for a Hollywood script — one of the primary reasons it was eventually adapted to the big screen.  Still, even that near three-hour film couldn't cover the grand story that was lurking behind Ford vs. Ferrari. In truth, there was a lot more to it — in the designing process ...

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Guide to the C8 Corvette | C8 Corvette History

Posted on 2022-06-17

The Chevrolet Corvette has been an American icon for over 65 years. Since its beginning, the Corvette brand has been dedicated to one thing — making stylish vehicles capable of traveling at hair-raising speeds. There have been several iterations of the Chevy Corvette, but the most recent generation, the C8 series, is truly something special. In this comprehensive guide to the eighth-generation Corvette series, you can gain a better understanding of why the C8 is one of the most respected vehicles on the road and racetrack worldwide. Over...

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History of Oldsmobile 442 | Oldsmobile Guide

Posted on 2022-05-09

Known for its balanced handling, impressive performance and elegant styling, the Oldsmobile 442 is a staple of car history and continues to intrigue collectors today. It gets its name, “442,” from how it was built — a four-barrel carburetor with a four-speed manual transmission and dual exhausts.  The design itself would change over the years, but the name 442 stuck. It continued to evolve over six generations and several decades, improving performance and enhancing designs.  First and Second Generations (1964-1972) The first- and secon...

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History of the Chevy Impala | Chevy Impala Guide

Posted on 2022-04-15

The Chevrolet Impala was one of the most widely liked cars ever, attracting a huge audience who loved it for its unique design and sheer power. The Impala had a versatility unlike any other vehicle. Depending on the era, you might find it on a racetrack, in a quiet suburban neighborhood, disguised as a police car or featured in a hip-hop music video.  From its golden days in the early ‘60s to its popular resurgence in the ‘90s and 2000s, the Impala’s history stretches over six decades. While its popularity ebbed and flowed, there's no que...

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How Often to Change Car's Oils and Fluids

Posted on 2022-02-14

Changing your car's oil and fluids is an important maintenance process that helps your vehicle  run smoothly. But how often do you need to do it? And what fluids should you be changing? In this article, you will be given a breakdown of all you need to know about car oils and fluids, when to change them and how you can change them on your own. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about to keep your car in good shape. Engine Oil Engine oil can also be called motor oil or engine lubricant. It is a substance made of base oils ...

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The History of Shelby Cars | Shelby Cars Guide

Posted on 2022-01-13

History of Shelby Cars Before booming sound systems, neon underglow LEDs and flashy vinyl wrapping, there were Shelby cars. The unmistakable dominant force and striking architecture combined unparalleled power with style in an effortless appearance of art and strength. Shelby American, Inc. was a labor of love turned global success that challenged the most prominent sports car manufacturers in the world. While muscle cars of the modern era have earned their place and proven their abilities, you can't forget the men and vehicles who paved...

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History of the Ford Thunderbird | Thunderbird Guide

Posted on 2022-01-13

The Ford Thunderbird has a long history, dating back to 1955 when the first generation was released. Since the first generation, there have been 11 generations in total. This automobile has a convertible style and was designed not to be a sports car but a luxury vehicle. With each new generation came new adjustments to different aspects of the T-Bird, like the speed, engines, body shape and more.  This article breaks down each of the generations from the first through the 11th, all the way from the early generations to the newest ones. Bu...

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The Evolution of the Cadillac CTS-V | Cadillac CTS-V History

Posted on 2021-11-29

The Cadillac V-Series is a line of high-performance vehicles from the General Motors Performance Division. Each model in the V series varies from generation to generation. The Cadillac CTS-V is a line of luxury vehicles and a high-performance variation of the CTS sedan from the Cadillac division of General Motors. In total, there were three generations of the Cadillac CTS-V, released from 2004 to 2019. While Cadillac has long been known for its luxury vehicles, many car enthusiasts were surprised to see the release of a four-door sedan with...

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What Are the Best Muscle Car Engines? | Muscle Car Guide

Posted on 2021-10-21

The concept of the American muscle car is so ubiquitous in mainstream American culture that most Americans have some understanding of it, regardless if they have an interest in automobile history on the whole. Dating back to the 1920s, which were still relatively early days in the American automobile industry, the muscle car grew in the 1950s and peaked in the 1960s and 1970s.  Several factors, including fuel embargos and new federal regulations, led to waning public interest and less industry investment in the muscle car, which lasted th...