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History of the Chevy Camaro | Evolution of the Camaro

Posted on 2021-03-17

The Chevy Camaro is one of the most notable cars in pony and muscle car history. As a direct competitor to the Ford Mustang, the Camaro has persevered throughout the years, earning the respect of automotive enthusiasts. With six generations of Camaros, buyers can find a car that fits their style and performance needs. Any Camaro enthusiast may want to know more about the Camaro's evolution and the main ways it changed since its first release in 1966. If you love Camaros, learn about the history of the car and how the Camaro evolved over i...

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The Evolution & History of the Muscle Car

Posted on 2021-01-27

The muscle car is one of the most significant innovations ever created by American vehicle manufacturers. Throughout their over 70-year history, starting in the late 1940s and continuing into today, muscle cars have cemented their place as a central piece of American culture. While most car enthusiasts view the 1960s and 1970s as muscle cars' glory days, these vehicles pioneered through challenges, and manufacturers produced some exceptional models from the 1980s to the present day. If you love cars and driving, you'll probably want to le...

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History of the Dodge Viper | Dodge Viper Evolution

Posted on 2020-12-21

While it was a relatively short-lived car, the Dodge Viper certainly made a mark. Its roaring horsepower and jaw-dropping speed made it a favorite of drivers who wanted to fly down the road. The heart of the car was a V-10 engine, which provided an impressive amount of power to the light sports car. The Viper's engineering was equally exceptional, and the car even made the top 10 in the Most American Cars list, with over 75% of its parts made in America. Find out more about the origins of the Dodge Viper and its five generations in this g...

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History of the Pontiac GTO | Pontiac GTO Evolution

Posted on 2020-12-16

The Pontiac GTO took the world by storm in 1964 and quickly cemented itself in muscle car history. As the GTO lasted five generations in total, it went through many different changes, responding to new challenges and attempting to give buyers an upgraded driving experience. Though relatively short-lived, the Pontiac GTO is still a favorite of many muscle car enthusiasts who love its striking style and roaring horsepower.  If you're interested in the Pontiac GTO, you may want to know more about its history and the answers to some of the mo...

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The Evolution & History of the Chevrolet Corvette

Posted on 2020-10-14

The Chevy Corvette has a hallowed place in American automotive history. First appearing in the 1950s and running all the way up to today, the Corvette has captured the imaginations of sport car enthusiasts for years now. With its incredible performance and affordable price, it's no wonder the Corvette has held its place as America's sports car over the decades. Over the 60 year history of the Corvette, there have been significant changes. To get a clearer sense of how the Corvette has evolved over the years, check out this overview of the...

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History of the Chevy Chevelle | Evolution of the Chevelle

Posted on 2020-06-16

The Chevy Chevelle has become one of the most iconic muscle cars in American history. The vehicle has been so popular, that it's shown up in over 1,600 movies, such as "The Fast and The Furious" and "Jack Reacher," staking its claim as Hollywood's go-to muscle car. Though you might recognize the vehicle for its powerful, adrenaline-pumping qualities, you might not know that it also was a family favorite for its station wagon and sedan models. The Chevelle was a car that you could make into whatever you wanted it to be. Find out more about t...

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Relieving Stress With a Classic Car

Volo Museum Auto Sales Posted on 2020-03-27

Ask any collector and he or she will tell you: Owning a classic stirs a deep sense of pride. But it’s way more than that. Not even the best masseuse can top the stress-relief of time spent tinkering on that car of your dreams. There’s always an accessory to discover, a performance upgrade to research. Even just applying that fresh coat of wax can bring the worst day into context. Open roads, light traffic, low gas prices. Now add a healthy-sounding, pearl white 1969 GTO convertible. Or maybe a red ’72 Chevelle with a 350 four-barrel. Pe...

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How to Store a Classic Car | Collector Car Storage Tips

Posted on 2020-01-21

From Corvettes and Beetles to Firebirds and Roadsters, classic cars are a symbol of timeless automobiles. Throughout decades of innovation, they have become a car enthusiast’s dream. Whether you own one classic or a handful, we know you work hard to keep your vehicle in mint condition. But how can you do the same when it’s in storage? Proper maintenance before, during and after stowing away your vehicle is essential. Until you’re ready to drive your car again, prepping the engine, interior and exterior components are part of the process. Vo...

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Classic Car Maintenance Tips | Maintain Collector Cars

Posted on 2020-01-17

Classic car owners often worry about how they'll keep the vehicle safe from damage. Knowing how to keep an antique car gives their owners greater peace of mind and keeps the vehicle running well. If you need tips for caring for a collector car, you've come to the right place. Volo lives and breathes classic cars, with a huge inventory of collector cars and an auto museum to prove it. This article will teach you how to look after your classic car and incorporate these tips into your classic car maintenance. Check on Important Areas of the C...

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How to Transport a Classic Car | Shipping Your Car

Posted on 2019-12-16

How to Transport a Classic Car If you need to transport your classic car, you're probably concerned about how you can get it from point A to point B without it getting damaged. After all, you've probably put a significant amount of time and money into your car. Trusting someone else with the safety of your car can be difficult, so it's critical to be as knowledgeable as possible when looking to hire a transporter. Below, you'll find a classic car transport guide that's filled with shipping tips for vintage cars. From your consultation with...

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