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Relieving Stress With a Classic Car

Volo Museum Auto Sales Posted on 2020-03-27

Relieving stress with a classic car

Ask any collector and he or she will tell you: Owning a classic stirs a deep sense of pride.

But it’s way more than that.

Not even the best masseuse can top the stress-relief of time spent tinkering on that car of your dreams. There’s always an accessory to discover, a performance upgrade to research. Even just applying that fresh coat of wax can bring the worst day into context.

Open roads, light traffic, low gas prices. Now add a healthy-sounding, pearl white 1969 GTO convertible. Or maybe a red ’72 Chevelle with a 350 four-barrel. Perhaps an orange ’68 Shelby GT.

The stuff of fantasy, right? Especially in a gears-stuck, turbo-stressed world.

The thing is, at, it’s actually a great time to do more than exercise your imagination. Because just like the roads and gas stations in this social-distancing world, the Volo Auto Museum sales department is open. And we offer a VIP buy-from-home experience that includes virtual test drives, the lowest financing rates and even free delivery for a non-contact purchase.

So that amazing blue Mustang, red Coronet or purple Challenger R/T you spy on our website today can be in your driveway in no time.

The Grams family has been operating the Volo Auto Museum and selling quality collector cars for 60 years. We don’t buy a car unless it’s going to drop the jaws of our museum visitors, and we have a world-renowned reputation for standing behind our amazing vehicles. So, while the world may be pitching some freakishly fast stress balls these days, you’ll need no reinforced mitts to buy with us.

Shelter-in-place is today’s main pace. But the open road is still open. And screw you, Coronavirus, ’cause that friend with the cherry Camaro surely won’t be within 6 feet as you cruise down the highway in your Road Runner.

So why crawl the walls when you can still rule the roads?

At the Volo Auto Museum, the hunt is always on, forever exciting, never in vain. There is one thing, of course, that exceeds the excitement of the hunt.

Let us help you experience it. Shop from our extensive inventory today.

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