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 Ready to sell a classic, collector, vintage, or antique car? Whether you're interested in a cash offer, trade-in, or free consignment, consider Volo Auto Sales for your collector car selling needs. At Volo Auto Sales, we make it easy to sell your classic or collector car online.

Our Selling Process

To start the process of selling your classic or vintage collector car, complete the form below with detailed information and clear pictures. Here is the step-by-step process to ensure we can make the most accurate offer on your classic car:

  1. Fill in the vehicle year, make, and model.
  2. Include engine size and transmission information.
  3. Describe the body of your car.
  4. Rate and explain your vehicle's appearance.
  5. Tell us about any rebuilt items.
  6. Explain available options.
  7. List items that are not functional or need to be repaired.
  8. Provide any interesting facts about your vehicle.
  9. Attach as many quality pictures as possible. The more informed we are, the better the offer we can make you.
  10. If available, include the link to a vehicle video.
  11. Fill in your contact information and submit.

And that's it! When you want to sell a collector or classic car online, choose Volo Auto Sales for a hassle-free experience.

We are interested in quality collector cars and trucks only.
Especially Classics, Muscle Cars, Pro Touring, 1950s, Street Rods, Mustangs, etc...

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More Pictures = More Money

The better informed we are, the better offer we can make. As many quality pictures as possible please! Including the following key areas, Motor, Trunk, Interior, Exterior, and underside are a big help.

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