Classic Pontiac Trans Am for Sale

Some car enthusiasts fall in love with a particular vintage brand, from Oldsmobile to Ford, Chrysler to Volkswagen. Here at Volo, we are continually buying and selling collector vehicles of different years, makes and models. If you have an eye for sleek design and impressive performance, we encourage you to check out our classic Pontiac Trans Ams for sale at the Volo Auto Museum.

Collectors can easily appreciate these coupe-style vehicles that date back to the 1970s. The quality from that era endures today in the Pontiac Trans Ams we sell, because we care about providing only the best vintage vehicles.

Our Experience With Trans Ams

When you're looking to buy our collector Pontiac Trans Ams for sale, it's not business as usual compared to purchasing from an independent seller. When we buy any classic car from a previous owner, we carefully inspect and tune up the vehicle from front to back so it's in great condition for you. We're unlike other dealers who resell a vintage car as-is — our mechanics dedicate themselves to improving the quality of every vehicle on our lot. Volo has been family owned and operated since 1960. We have four generations of experience dealing with vintage vehicles like the Pontiac Trans Am, as well as tens of thousands of collector cars we've sold from our lot. We pioneered the classic car buying and selling experience and are proud to say we are the oldest in existence at what we do. When you buy from Volo, you can trust our legacy of quality.

What We Have in Our Inventory

Our classic vehicles for sale at Volo come from a wide variety of models. In addition to Pontiac Trans Ams and Pontiac Firebirds, you can find dozens of cars from manufacturers like Dodge, Chevrolet, Ferrari and Buick. We have detailed descriptions and accounts of the vehicles in our inventory, so you get the complete picture of what you're interested in. When it comes to price, we're a no-hassle dealer. Check out our entire inventory that's currently available and browse through our vintage car selections today.

Find Your Dream Car Today

At Volo, we want to make the vintage car buying experience as easy as can be. There's no auction necessary to get an extraordinary car. We remove the risk of bidding for a car you're not familiar with, and there's no tight time frame to make a decision. When you visit the Volo Auto Museum and see our showroom, you can get inside the car of your liking, feel how it handles during a test drive, and know that what you're getting is in pristine condition. Fill out our contact form and get in touch with us about buying a Pontiac Trans Am of your very own, or any vehicle we feature online and in our showroom. Call us at (815) 385-3644 and speak to our experienced sales team today.