1917 Sing Sing Prision

New York


Volo Auto Museum is now home to a serial killer that is responsible for more killings than Jack the Ripper and the Boston Strangler combined.   More gruesome deaths than Charles Manson and John Wayne Gacey.  Accountable for 614 documented murders, this killer didn't use a gun or knife.  The life-taking means of this killer was electricity.  Strapped and bound; saturated with water and hit with 2200 flesh burning volts!  Fortunately this serial killer was working for us!  On July 7th 1891 a copper covered wooden chair set the stage for America's 1st legal execution by electricity in New York's Sing Sing prison.  Convict Harris A. Smiler was the 1st followed by three others the same day!  In 1916 Sing Sing had become the states central execution site; construction of Sing Sing's Death House had begun and was completed in 1917 at a cost of $268,000.  Isolated from the rest of the prison, it was where New York's condemned were sent to prepare them for death.  It had its own kitchen, hospital and autopsy room.  New York executed more lives than any other state in the 75 years of this chairs killing spree.  Restored in the 1970's and is now part of the permanent collection on display at the Volo Auto Museum
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