Falcon XB Mad Max Interceptor. $109k in Receipts to Build. Only 400 Miles.

To Be Auctioned Off No-Reserve Beginning on Sept. 19th. Estimate $85,000 - $95,000. Here is an opportunity of a lifetime! This is an original Ford Falcon 500 XB Coupe VIN # JG65RC67417K with a factory 4 speed and 302 Cleveland. The donor car was purchased through Mad Max Cars who imported it from Australia to Canada. Most of the restoration work was done by The Rod Factory. Very rare and desirable car even without the Mad Max upgrades! Because of the rareness of the Aussie Ford required to build a Mad Max car, the replica's are nearly non-existent. It cost over $100k and 7 years to restore and build. I have a 3 ring binder that totals $115,000 in receipts as well as a full photo album of restoration photos showing the car being stripped down to nothing but a bare shell. Everything on this car was rebuilt including all the gauges, wiring, brakes, engine, transmission, etc. The Australian 302C block was stroked to a 351C. It has 10:1 forged pistons, balanced, 351C heads, 0.030 bore and a mild cam. It drives like a new car! It has a show quality paint over a rust free body that was stripped bare before repaint. It had an independent appraisal done in 2010 and was graded a 2A, which is just shy of a trailer queen. It was appraised at that time at $109,000 and has only has less than a couple hundred miles and has been stored indoors since.

We purchased the car in 2012 and have been displaying it in the museum since and never had intentions to sell. We've even turned down several handsome offers. However, we recently acquired a Road Warrior version Mad Max car and decided to display that one because of the additional props unique to the Road Warrior car giving our guests more to look at. Our Part 1 car is higher quality restoration and unlike the Road Warrior version, is user friendly with 4 seats, a full interior and is weather tight with full windows. If we did not have the Road Warrior car, this one would not be for sale!

There is only 1 original, screen used, Mad Max car. It is owned by a very wealthy individual and is not for sale at any price. Here is your opportunity to own the next best thing. Spreadsheet of receipts and restoration photos available on request. Auctioned off to the highest on-line bidder beginning September 19th For more info on the auction visit https://www.volocars.com/the-attraction/exhibits/2018-auction

VIN break down JG65RC67417K

J = Australia
G = Broadmeadows plant
65 = Falcon 500 Coupe
RC = Jan. 1975

Date tag

XB Falcon 2dr Sedan Model # 18313

L = 4 speed
Y = 302 engine
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