Over the top restoration to better then factory new!

If you could go back in a time machine to 1969 and order the most ultimate Chevelle, this is it. Actually it is even better because the restoration is superior to what the factory put out. It is an over thw top complete nut and bolt, very very detailed body off frame restoration. It has the most potent engine available, great options and colors.

EXTERIOR: It is freaking phenomenal. Paint code 52- Garnett red and it looks far better then it did new. It is laser straight with glass finish. The jambs are meticulously painted. The fit is excellent. Every part of the exterior of this car is new-moldings, lenses, seals, weatherstrips, glass, grill, taillights antenna. Not only is it new but was installed properly. Has T-3 headlights, SS stripes and even correct antenna. New reproduction Polyglass tires on perfectly restored SS wheels. New white convertible fits like a drum. Top frame is restored.

INTERIOR: Completely restored to brand new, I mean completely new. I'm looking at the dash and the gauges, lenses, bezels, heater controls, dash pad, even the rearview mirror are brand new. The seat cushions are new so the upholstery fits tight and seats are firm. Even the seats brackets are new. Door panels, armrests, window cranks, handles, vents, seat backs- all new. Even the seat belts are new! Everything inside is factory correct except for upgraded digital retro stereo with aux cord. Has correct 6,500 redline tachometer used on L-78, correct Muncie shifter. Everything works down to the clock.

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: The L-78 was factory rated at 375 hp but dyno tests on a bone stock version is actually 425 hp! Every one came with a hot solid-lifter cam, 11.5:1 compression, big square-port heads with upsized 2.19 intake valves (the 1.72-inch exhaust valves remained), and cast aluminum high-rise intake manifolds with a big Holley carb. Because a solid lifter motor can rev higher they came with deep groove pulleys so the belts don't fly off. This one is completely restored and detailed. Has cadium plated brake booster, correct hoses and clamps, battery cables etc. New wiring. It is spotless!

UNDERSIDE: Wow, one of the best restored most detail underside I've seen in a long time. The frame is a smooth, gloss black. The floors are perfect metal that look all done in red oxide primer with a satin clear coat finish. The suspension is completely rebuilt and detailed. Has F-41 which includes boxed control arms and sway bars. Has correct 12 bolt with 3.31 posi gears. Everything is new and detailed- parking brake cables, fuel and brake lines, brakes, springs etc. Has optional chambered exhaust with cowbell tips. New gas tank is polished like a mirror. It is very authentic- has spiral shocks and even the tags and stickers used on the assembly line. I would eat my lunch anywhere off the bottom of this car. Actually no, I wouldn't want to get the car dirty.

TRUNK COMPARTMENT: It is spotless metal painted very neatly. Has a brand new matching polyglass tire on a brand new SS wheel for a spare. The jack is so pristine it is wrapped in bubble wrap.

Below is an exert from SuperChevy.com referring to how rare It was to find an L-78 when they were new. Keep in mind they aren't even talking about a convertible! Only a handful were made by the factory.
Estimates I have found are 6 to 80.

"You read about it in Car Craft and Popular Hot Rodding. Maybe you saw one at the drag strip and or the local cruise. Dealers didn't know much about it. In fact, it wasn't even listed in the showroom brochures or the standard dealer sales albums. "It" was RPO L78. Although it was a total mystery to most dealers, those who knew the magic option code could buy the meanest, most powerful big-block in the Chevelle arsenal."

Unless you lived near a Chevrolet performance dealer like Yenko, Berger, Gibb, Rosenthal, Indianatlantic or Rathmann, the chance of finding anL78 on the showroom floor was somewhere between slim and none. You had to know how to get your mitts on a Special Product Order form and fill out the right information, then get the dealer to order it for you. You gave him your deposit and then you waited six to eight weeks for the hauler to arrive with your L78 Chevelle.

Now here we are in 2018 and this ultimate Chevelle is ready for delivery today!
Options and Accessories
  • 375 hp L-78 motor
  • Power steering
  • Power disc brakes
  • Power top
  • Tachometer
  • Bucket seats
  • Console
  • Clock
  • Rosewood wheel
  • Tilt
  • Retro stereo
  • Side stripes
  • Reproduction tires
  • Chambered exhaust
  • 3.31 posi
  • F-41 suspension
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