Runs high 10s, tears up road courses and ready to cruise anywhere you want!

Not only would it cost 1/4 million dollars to build, but it is one of the country's best builders personal car! The bugs have been worked out and the car is dialed in. It will run high 10s in the 1/4 mile, handle any road course and yet will take the family on vacation where ever you want to go. That is is actually amazing. Has a 725 hp big block with a 6 speed and cold a/c. It even has power windows and cruise control. It has been featured on the cover of 4 magazines, the COVER! Paid $42,000 for a real SS from California to start with.
This car was built by a well known shop owner for himself and used as his personal car for several years. There was no expense or time spared building the guidelines set by the owner himself for him to use for many years and drive anywhere without issue.

A clean rust free, damage free mint west coast 1968 Chevelle SS "138" car was purchased for the build. The floors and frame were so clean they didn't need to be worked or painted.

The build theme was a "Day Two" look from back in the day with upgraded drive line and suspension underneath the car.

This car has been featured in 3 national magazines. Popular Hotrodding, Super Chevy, and Chevelle magazines did multi page full color feature articles and put the car on the cover car all 3 times. Jegs also used the car as a cover car. The Chevelle is perhaps a legendary car being instrumental as a example for car building techniques during the beginning of the Pro-Pouring and Resto-Mod movement. This car was built before Optima and the other groups had their Ultimate street car competitions. It is not all cut up. It retains the original uncut stock body and frame.

1968 was the last year to be able to decode a Chevelle Super Sport by the VIN number with 138 designating the Super Sport option. This car is a real deal "138" Super Sport.

Factory and factory style options include:
Super Sport option, The rare 68 only "Barrel" tach(that works), optional rally gauges, Comfort grip sport steering wheel, console, buckets with the optional head rests, pearl white "Parchment" color interior, power steering, Tilt steering, Air conditioning, Power windows, Kenwood stereo system, and cruise control.

Safety additions:
There is a 4 point roll bar with safety harness in the car. The roll bar goes through the floor and is welded to the frame. The openings are sealed to keep water out. It can easily be cut out if desired. Should the new owner want the roll bar removed, I will remove it for the new owner before they take possession of the car and after a solid deal is made for the sale. A new package tray and rear carpet would be needed for that removal. The harness bar behind the front seats bolts to the main roll bar hoop and can be removed if you want to use the rear seat for passengers. The shoulder harnesses are not currently installed. They simply slip onto the harness bar. Owner doesn't use them on the street. The shoulder harnesses help keep you in place on track days. The original black front and rear seat belts go with. A small fire extinguisher is also mounted inside for safety, which can also be easily removed. HID headlights have been added that really light up the road. There are two cut off switches inside under the dash. One for ignition power and the other for fuel. Additionally there is a Master power on-off switch in the trunk. These switches are all for safety and anti theft. One turned off there is no way any thief will figure out how to start this car.

Engine: Custom built by Midwest Engine tech. It has been on the engine dyno and chassis dyno. The engine has been in the car since it was built and has NEVER had any issues. While wide open tuning was done on the dyno and then at the track, the current tune is a staggered jet "safe" tune up. An unbelievable amount of tuning has been done to the low and mid range speed circuits for smooth drive-ability around town. Once it's warmed up, this engine can idle for ever and never foul a plug. But yet has a thumpy cam lope idle that you can only get from a big engine with a big cam. The low pitch big bore sound is music to your ears. The car gets fantastic fuel mileage at 17mpg on highway in 6th gear @ 75mph. Tune specs to be discussed with buyer.

Block is the Dart Big M 4.600 bore with a 4.250 stroke. It has been studded and o-ringed for maximum seal to the heads with composite gaskets. Eagle 4340 Forged internally balanced crank shaft. Eagle forged rods with JE custom built 10.3-1 Forged pistons with floating pins. Canton 8qt Road race type pan with windage tray screen and scraper. This pan has a chamber in the bottom surrounding the pump so it won't cavitate in a high lateral G corner like most cars will. There are 2 oil separators used instead of valve cover breathers. One separator is plumbed from each valve cover to control the oil and let it breath free. These also stop that age old problem of oil coming out the breather onto the valve cover. There are two small skid ramps welded to the lower cross member to protect the oil pan.
Heads are Dart Pro 1 355 CNC rectangular port, open chambers that have also had hand porting done and been flowed on the bench. 2.300/1.88 valves, heads have Cam matched springs with custom pushrods. A Jessel Pro Shaft Rocker arm system is used with 1.8 roller rockers.
Custom ground Comp Hydraulic roller 685 lift with 4-7 swap. Cam card and degree specs to new owner. The cam is degreed in with the adjustable timing chain-gear setup.
Edlebrock dual plane intakes is fully ported with pro Systems 1050cfm Holley 4130 DP carb and twin #8 lines to the regulator and a #10 back to the custom built aluminum fuel tank.
The car has 2 fuel pumps. The regulator is on the right fender well. A high volume mechanical pump mounted on the engine and an electric in the rear. This system is full proof as either pump can push or pull through th eother should one fail on a long highway trip. An electric voltage step down is used to save wear and eliminate noise with the electric pump. Pump goes to full power at 2800 rpm.
A 20 gallon Aluminum custom built fuel tank is powder coated semi gloss black. The pickup is inside a splash pro chamber so no lateral forward or rearward cavitation will accure.
Repro Cowl induction air filter assembly that does pull air from the cowl plenum. The scoop vents on the hood are open on hte bottom as well. MSD ignition, with a standalone distributor. I have a rev limiter for the car that is currently off. No box = no problems.
2" primary tube stainless steel headers. 3" mandrel bent exhaust, cross over tube, Dynomax stainless steel mufflers exiting through Chevelle SS tips. Mufflers are straight through design with stainless steel packing. Yes they are loud when you step on it and have a great sounding rumble around town. Tail pipes have recently been coated with heat proof aluminum paint.
140 amp 14 volt 1 wire alternator with internal regulator is used. Optima battery is mounted in RR of trunk for proper weight bias. 1/2" copper cables used for battery. Gear reduction mini starter used.

The engine build and everything on the car was built with a focus on durability, longevity, drivability, and 91 octane power. In its current configuration we are at 725hp with it.

Transmission and clutch:
6 speed Tremec T56 RR version Carbon fiber synchromesh rings, rem finished internal parts. Trans is silky smooth, trouble free, and seems to be indestructible. It can be shifted without using the clutch with ease when driving around town.
Scattershield, McLeod Aluminum flywheel, 11" dual disc McLeod clutch, manual release bearing. Heim jointed clutch linkage. The clutch has a very light-soft pedal feel and grabs like crazy with no chatter ever. This setup is reliable and trouble free.

Cooling is from a huge Spas custom built aluminum radiator that looks like a stock radiator rather than the typical fabricated aluminum type. There is a billet overflow tank. Twin electric fans are used and there is a temp fan controller mounted and wired, but are wired direct. Water pump is a High flow aluminum piece. No t-stat is used and the pump is under driven for better cooling and to save the pump wear. The car will run at only 170 in 100 degree heat with the AC on. Its amazing, especially for a BB Chevy engine to run this cool. There is also a power steering cooler in front of the radiator down low.

Rear end:
Ford 9" 3:70 gears, Strange True Track adjustable posi case, Aluminum Center housing, Large bearings, Billet Pinion, 35 spline axles, and outer wheel bearing Floater setup. This rear end was a prototype from Strange that the owner tested fro them. It was removed several times for inspection, documentation, and to adjust the True track tighter each time during the testing. The two main test items were the 35 spline True track and the floaters. Pryor to this rear end, the factory style outer wheel bearings on stock type rear ends would be shot after one track day from the lateral g forces. This was a common problem for all the G-Machine crowd when tracking these cars. Pryor to the True Track there was no posi case for the huge 35 spline axles. Now there is. This setup is a last forever trouble free design.

Suspension and brakes:
Front end has the Delphi variable powe rfast ratio 12-1 steering box with the new style power steering pump that is under driven so it will last. The steering linkage has been modified to eliminate as much bump steer as possible. There are dropped spindles with extended ball joints for more negative camber gain. Lower a-arms are Global -West with greasable Delanum bushings. Upper a-arms are a fabricated "stock car" type arm that has greasable steel bushed shafts, with the arms being heim jointed at the ball joint. They are infinitely adjustable. Front end sits on double adjustable Varicoil coil over shocks. Spring rates alignment specs, and shock valving to be discussed with new owner. Several sets of springs have been tested during the tuning of the suspension for both ride and handling.
Front sway bar is an adjustable 1,1/2" diameter heat treated gun drille dchrome moly adjustable swing arm bar. A collapsible steering column has been added for safety with u joints rather than a rag joint. Front brakes are 6 piston Wilwood calipers on 13" drilled directionally vented balanced rotors with aluminum hats on Wilwood billet aluminum bearing hubs.

Rear end has Global west upper and lower greasable control arms. The uppers and lowers have the steel spherical joints and are adjustable for pinion angle and rear end centering. It rides on a fabricated rear coil over setup using double adjustable Varishocks. Sway bar is a 1,1/4" adjustable hollow bar with heim jointed links. Rear brakes are Wilwood 4 piston calipers on 12" rotors. There is a rear brake pressure adjustment valve mounted on the floor next to the driver seat. It still has emergency brakes as well.

Driveshaft is a 3,1/2" Chrome moly balanced piece with Billet front and rear Yokes and the large 3150 spicer joints.

Brakes are controlled by a Wilwood master with 2lb residual valves. The system is manual. The pedal feel is very easy. Not as you would expect with manual at all. That is because of a tuned and matched system and proper pedal rod placement.
For drag racing and or burnout fun there is a line lock.

Wheels and Tires:
Current tires and Nittos R compound DOT street-track tires. Fronts are 275/35zr18. 315's will fit on the rear with no clearance issues. They only come with 5 or 6/32 tread depth so you can't expect too much wear out of them. Use the wear holes for tire life, not the tread. The tread is very shallow when new and designed to disappear. As it does, the tires will work even better until the wear holes are gone. Typical 200 tread wear street tires can be used. There is a spare 2nd set of custom made 11" wide rear wheels that go with the car. You could use them for drag radials. All the wheels are one of a kind custom made ET 5 spokes. Fronts are 9.5x18, rears are 11x18. These were veyr expensive wheels!!! There is NO cutting done to the car to fit these wheels. Back spacing dimensions will be supplied to new owner.

Paint is PPG base coat clear coat. This car was a mint rust and damage free California car to start with. It had a vinyl top that was removed, Then the entire car was painted the factory "Bright Blue" and pearl white SS stripes were painted rather than using decals. The new paint was sanded flat then buffed.

This car has been drive since 2009. It has been tracked only 3 times, and drag raced only twice. That was all that needed to dial in the car. After that it was all about street driving. It maintains 170 to 180 degrees on the track and the oil psi never fluxuated around heavy G corners. Most of its life it was driven daily as the owners personal car. It has always been in a climate controlled garage and kept clean and waxed. It's been driven on many long distance trips, including an entire power tour with never a problem. Over 1/2 of the miles are highway miles. It has been driven in 100 degree weather with the AC on in rush hour stop-go traffic and stays @ 170 all the time.

To duplicate the car today would take any easy 200 to 250k. The clean doner SS Chevelle was 40K piece to start with. A custom built engine like this is an easy 25k, Rear end is close to 10k, wheels-tires over 7k, 6spd and related parts 7k, and that list goes on and on. How do you price the time invested building and refining a car like this. You can't.

There are some spare parts, a custom car cover, and several folders of invoices and build documentation to go with the car. Cover is in trunk compartment.
Options and Accessories
  • Air conditioning
  • Power steering
  • 4 wheel disc
  • Roll Tachomoter
  • Rally gauges
  • Deluxe wheel
  • Tilt
  • Power windows
  • Bucket seats
  • Headrests
  • Console
  • Cruise control
  • Stereo system
  • 3.70 posi
  • Roll cage (removable)
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