1 owner since 1981. Very spirited sports car!

Same owner since 1981, 37 years! The Excalibur was a very high grade factory built exotic car, not a kit. Each car was built from scratch, not a conversion of a mass produced car. All parts used were new, never used. The mechanics are all GM so service is not a problem. The 1976 Phaeton is a spirited car with a 454 big block motor and sportscar (Corvette) suspension. The interior is a well appointed "cock pit" with leather buckets seats and full array of gauges. It's a joy to drive!

EXTERIOR: The fiberglass is hand laid, twice as thick as a Corvette. The grill, trim and complete exhaust is stainless steel. The pipes coming through each side of the hood are actually functional Careful, they get warm! Upfront is a Mercedes style grill, air horns that will make anyone jump, 4 chrome lights and a tubular aluminum bumper. The hood is aluminum and louvered. The petite fenders expose the front suspension and hold the real side mount spares. All 6 wheels are chrome wires. Similar to a vintage European sports car the windshield is low and uses 3 wipers and wing windows on each side. The doors are cut low with cushioned leather trimming on top offering a good place to rest your arm. Open air is the preferred mode of use but it does offer a convertible top, removable hardtop and excellent fitting side curtain windows. It also has a full tonneau cover. In back tubular bumper matches the front and a chrome rack supports the detachable trunk, held in place with leather straps. The condition is really very good. All of the chrome- lights, horns, luggage rack look like new. The grill is polished out like a mirror. The wheels are not perfect but sparkle real nice. Goodyear tires look new. Aluminum bumpers are real nice, a bit of polish will make them even better. Overall the paint is very nice and glossy but it does have some nicks and chips that need to be touched up.

INTERIOR: 4 passengers can enjoy the genuine leather upholstery. Front bucket seats recline and in between is a console with floor shifter. The dash does resemble that of an airplane with a full display of gauges and switches. The leather cushion grip wheel feels good and has adjustable tilt. There is heat, air conditioning, cruise control and a stereo. Inside the car has some patina but it's not beat up. The leather seats are worn in like a good used leather jacket. Dash, instruments are really very nice shape.

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: It uses a factory stock GM 454 and stock GM components- carburetor, power steering, power brakes, etc. It is very clean and proper under the hood

UNDERSIDE: Excalibur built it's own, very substantial ladder design frame with center X section. Corvette independent suspension was used front and back. Also disc brakes are at all 4 wheels. The trans is GM's heavy duty turbo 400 automatic. Has air shocks in back. The chassis is painted white.

Very exhilarating to drive, especially when it's just you and some good backroads. It's a good feeling too when there are others around, this car draws positive attention. Not everyone can have one, very limited production (173 phaeton in 1976) assures only a small number of lucky people will ever own one! Many of these sold to celebrities. Try it for awhile, what do you have to lose, they have only continued to go up in value!
Options and Accessories
  • Air conditioning
  • Power steering
  • Power 4 wheel disc
  • Cruise control
  • Air horns
  • 6 wire wheels
  • Trunk
  • Hardtop
  • Convertible top
  • Tonneau cover
  • Leather upholstery
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