Wow, outstanding restoration!

Wow, what a restoration. This car looks better then it did new, the paint jobs were never this good. Someone spent a fortune and did not let any detail get overlooked. It's a beautiful car, decked out with factory accessories and the fastback design is so cool.

EXTERIOR: Rust free car from Georgia to start with. The body is phenomenally straight and tight fitting. The gaps are as tight as a new Mercedes. The doors and trunk fit completely flush. The hood is perfectly square with the fenders. The paint is polished out like a mirror. I've walked around the car twice it looks practically perfect. I only found one tiny nick touched up on the door. Every piece of exterior trim and chrome is either restored or replaced. I am standing upfront looking at the grill, and it's just gorgeous. The big winged hood ornament dresses it up big time. It has an original metal winshield visor. There are lots of little accessories like stone shields on the fenders, trim around the door handles and fuel door, exhaust tip, rocker trim, bumper guards, etc. Even reverse lights were optional back then. The glass is all crystal clear. Door jambs are clean as a whistle, weather strips are soft, sill plates are replaced, latches are cleaned. The rims were restored and pinstriped. They have restored center caps and optional trim rings. The whitewalls are reproduction of the originals.

INTERIOR: The interior is done to the same high standards as the exterior. Not only is all the upholstery redone but it fits tight as a drum. The cushions are in great shape. The door panels, armrests, carpet, headliner, visors have been redone. The dash area is beautifully restored. The metal is all painted very nicely. The instrument cluster is excellent, all the knobs are excellent. The steering wheel is downright gorgeous, it is when the prettiest steering wheels they put in a car. I would hang it in my office like art. Accesories include turn signals, deluxe heater, original radio, clock. Everything works except the clock. There is a traffic light viewer on the dash because with the visor it was difficult to see the traffic light the hung in the middle of the intersection. That is always a conversation piece, "what's that?"

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: Detailed like a model car. The engine compartment is completely restored. The wiring was all replaced with the correct cloth wires and cloth loom. Every component, line, clamp, cable has been restored. Nothing is just painted over. The engine is rebuilt and detailed. It has optional oil filter and windshield washers. The engine bay is completely clean metal with a smooth coat of satin black.

TRUNK COMPARTMENT: Trunk compartment is also restored. The rubber mat and cardboard lining was replaced. The spare rim is painted and pinstriped like the others and it also has a matching reproduction white while tire, never used. The jack is mounted properly and has been restored to look new. The weather strip was replaced, latches are cleaned. I just closed the trunk, it closed like a new car.

UNDERSIDE: Rock solid. It was treated to sound deadener undercoat when it was new. Recently cleaned and painted over for a fresh clean appearance. Bottom of motor and trans are spotless. Exhaust is new. Front end was inspected and aligned.

This is one of those cars people say wow, is that nice. If you like quality, you will love this car. It drives as good as it looks too.
Options and Accessories
  • Metal visor
  • Turn signals
  • Radio
  • Traffic light viewer
  • White walls
  • Hood ornament
  • Stone shields
  • Rocker trim
  • Fuel door trim
  • Door handle trim
  • Reverse lights
  • Window washer
  • Exhaust tip
  • Owner's manual
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