One of the best 59 Caddy's, functions like new!

One of the best driving and functioning 1959 Caddy convertibles anywhere. I drove it home and around town, loved it. My father (founder of Volo Museum) took it out for the afternoon and came back raving about it, said five star. My brother has restored and owned several 1959 Caddys, he drove for a day and talked very highly of it. He says they all rattle, not this one. He took it over railroad tracks and it was smooth. Power windows glide up and down fast, steers and stops easy, starts right up hot or cold, even the clock works!

EXTERIOR: It's certainly stunning with the tallest wings ever made on a production car. The bullet tail lights, abundance of chrome body and being lipstick red will certainly get you noticed. It is restored beautifully. The car's straight from every angle, smooth along the bottoms. All the panels fit real well, doors shut like a new car. The paint is polished very smooth and glossy. The door jambs are painted very nicely, has new weather strips. All that chrome and stainless moldings shine brightly, are straight and fit the car really well. The bullets in the grill are not broken or missing. My brother said loose bullets cause rattles, they are tight on this car. Same thing in the back, all the chrome is beautiful and the bullet panel is very, very nice. The windshield is new. The glass has a light factory tint, it's in excellent shape. Chrome frames around the windows are excellent. It has a white fiberglass parade boot and it also has a new red soft boot. The convertible top is white, it's in excellent condition. It works and fits properly.

INTERIOR: Very impressive interior. The upholstery has been completely redone in genuine leather. Most of the time people go with vinyl because it's a lot less expensive. The dash pad is the nicest one I've seen. It was actually sent out and professionally restored by Just Dashes. Most of the time they're split or have poorly fitting glue on cap or an upholstery shop makes their best attempt at reupholstering and it will have seams and stitches. The steering wheel is in excellent shape, it is very difficult to find a horn ring that isn't broken. It is very functional- quartz movement in the clock, gauges seem accurate, power seat and windows work quick (very unusual). My brother installed all new power window system in his 59, they were slow. Took the car to a different shop, paid more money and they were still slow. It also has upgraded retro stereo with power antenna, speakers in the lower doors and in the trunk. It has seat belts front and back. It also has a modern alarm system with lower locks operated by a remote.

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: The motor compartment is very clean, it looks like it's been apart and restored. The 390 motor was rebuilt and the 325 hp it produces easily glides this car down the road. The fire wall is painted red, the motor is painted Cadillac blue. The alternator, hoses, fuel pump look new. The valve covers and big chrome air cleaner have been rechromed. It features power steering and power brakes. The metal finishes are smooth satin black.

TRUNK COMPARTMENT: The giant trunk has been completely lined in the correct gray felt material. It has the jack & spare. It also includes bags for the hard parade boot. The original AM radio is there too. Bottom of the trunk lid and the jamb are painted gloss red, the weatherstrip is new.

UNDERSIDE: It appears to be very solid. Cadillacs were undercoated for a quieter ride. This one has has been cleaned underneath and freshened up with black paint. Looking up at the motor and the transmission both look very clean. It has its original Hydramatic trans. Dual exhaust system looks good, emergency brake cables are hooked up, has air shocks in back.

Spending a lot of money restoring a car does not typically mean it will function and feel right. My brother's power windows is a perfect example. Sometimes you just find a car that's "right", this is that car. I can't think of a time when My father, brother and myself have all driven a car individually and gave it the endorsement we gave this one. It is one of the flashiest and iconic cars of all time. It will never go down in value, a great investment you can enjoy!

I, Jay Grams, take pride in personally writing the descriptions for virtually every car for about the last 30 years now. A significant amount of effort goes into fact checking. What I am offering is my professional impression of the vehicle.
Our salesmen are happy to assist with descriptions and making sure your questions are answered. One great suggestion is letting us do a walk around video that explains the car's condition in detail.
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Options and Accessories
  • Power steering
  • Power brakes
  • Power windows
  • Power seat
  • Power trunk
  • Power locks
  • Parade boot
  • Seatbelts
  • Retro stereo
  • Radial whitewalls
  • Alarm system
  • Quartz clock
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