Best preserved survivor Max Wedge. Only 126 4-speeds made!

This was a factory built race car void of any warranty. 27,458 original mile survivor. It is possibly the best, most original Max Wedge in the country. Only 126 Max Wedge cars were ever made with a 4-speed- any year, make or model! 61 were Dodges, 65 were Plymouths.
It is listed in the registry, has original broadcast sheet, copy of punch card, original fender tag, owner's manual with vin imprint and a vintage photo.

Every American auto maker wanted to win at the drag strip. Their commitment led to these legendary low production factory race cars. Mopar was dominating NHRA with it's Max Wedge. This is an important part of muscle car history. This is believed to be the best preserved original existing!

EXTERIOR: Absolutely all original metal. No rust, it spent most of it's life in Arizona. The paint is mostly original! Sure it has patina- nicks, buffed thin etc but it can only be original once. It used to have J&D Automotive painted on the doors when it was being raced, that's been buffed off. The chrome and trim is also all original with patina. The Cragars in front are actual vintage wheels, the chrome is fair. They have new reproduction tires, nubs still on the tread. In back it has chrome steelies with a wide set of Mickey Thompson Racemaster street slicks.

INTERIOR: Completely original, some patina but not abused. The original sticker, found only on the Max Wedge, is still in the glovebox saying this car has no warranty! It also has a unique sticker on the windshield telling the transporter how to load the car because of the low hanging exhaust. It has a rare dash plate where most cars had the automatic push buttons. It also has a manual factory choke. The dash has original paint, the sheen is difficult to duplicate, most restored cars are glossy. The upholstery, door panels, carpet and headliner are very good original. The seatbelts and am radio were factory options. A correct Hurst shifter is sticking out of the floor. A set of vintage Stewart Warner gauges were added under the dash and a Sun tachometer on the dash.

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: The Max Wedge Super Stock lll 426 makes 415 hp. All the codes, dates and tell tale signs indicate this is the original motor. It was rebuilt to factory specs- solid lifters, wild cam, forged pistons, 11:1 compression and unique exhaust manifolds. On top is the crossram manifold with correct dual carbs, linkage, filters etc. The idle surges about 100 RPM at an idle, according to an expert that means it is properly dialed in. That means the motor is tight, pulls from one carb then the other. This motor has strong oil pressure too. There are many differences that this car has that are unique to a Max Wedge: The holes were never tapped for the battery tray, brake line is rerouted, fan and pulleys are different, the hood bracing is removed, the passenger inner fender is indented, it has a hole cut for provisions for headers, location of miscellaneous components and wiring straps. The vin on the core support matches the car, original fender tag is still attached.

TRUNK COMPARTMENT: There are several unique features that were seen on Max Wedges only. To put more weight to the back of the car the batteries were put in the trunk. So there were tabs welded to the floor to secure the battery and cables, this car has them. It also has a hole and a bracket for the battery vent tubes. The battery cables are original, unique dual cables per each terminal. The spare was also moved further back so there is another relocated tab for that. It does have complete jack and spare assembly. The metal is completely rust free original. The spatter paint and body caulk is original. The weatherstrip is even original with the part number on it.

UNDERSIDE: The original metal is dry as a chalkboard and never been painted on. These never had factory undercoat. There are several more features unique to a Max Wedge under the car. The coolest one is the factory exhaust with dumps! This one has a correct reproduction system. It has more leaf springs on the passenger side, relocated e-brake cable brackets (because of the exhaust), 2 piece steel bell housing, very hard to find oil pan, correct balancer, rubber bumpers above the trans, rear pinion and rear suspension. Looking up at the motor it is fresh. The 4-speed is extremely rare. It has 3.91 Sure Grip gears in the rear end. Drum brakes all around are in good working order. Steering and suspension were maintained as needed.

This car is more special than I realized. So many features are unique to accommodate it's race car intentions. Anyone would be thrilled to own this car especially the most knowledgeable collectors.

I, Jay Grams, take pride in personally writing the descriptions for virtually every car for about the last 30 years now. A significant amount of effort goes into fact checking. What I am offering is my professional impression of the vehicle.
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Best preserved survivor Max Wedge. Only 126 4-speeds made!
Options and Accessories
  • 3.91 Sure Grip
  • Seatbelts
  • SW gauges
  • Tachometer
  • M/T slicks
  • Build sheet
  • Punch card
  • Owner's manual
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