Real M code, #s match, build sheet. 640 made, rotisserie resto.

The holy grail of Darts! 1 of only 640 built with a 440 stuffed in it. Supposedly there are only 50 that still exist. It can't be faked, an M in the vin designates the 440. It also has #s match motor, trim tag and build sheet. This one has been rotisserie restored.

History- Mr Norm from the famous Mopar performance dealer- Grand Spaulding Dodge requested a high performance Dart from Chrysler. The car arrived in 1967 with just a 273! Mr Norm said he wanted a 383, Chrysler said it couldn't be done. So Mr Norm had his own shop build it. Chrysler learned of this and did build a 383 Dart for 1968. To keep up the pace, in 1969 Mr Norm now wants a 440. Chrysler choose to have Hurst Performance take on the task of building these special cars. They required a special K member, motor mounts, modification to the blocks for the mounts, exhaust manifolds, oil pan and heat shielding. Each car was ordered virtually the same. They were all automatics with bucket seats and consoles. Power steering, power disc brakes and certainly air conditioning were not available.

EXTERIOR: The body is pristine. It is laser straight, gaps are precise. No rust or damage. Repainted original B5 blue and it is show quality. Polished like blue glass. The white Bumble Bee stripe around the tail look great. Original bumpers were rechromed. All the trim, taillights, grill, hood grills, handles look new. The weatherstrips and seals were replaced. New windshield. The painted rims have poverty caps. New reproduction redline tires still have nubs on the tread.

INTERIOR: Inside the car is restored to practically brand new factory condition. Surprisingly these were all ordered with bucket seats and a console. It's a radio delete car but there is a modern Bluetooth stereo mounted neatly below the dash. The dash pad is mint. The Chrome bezels have been replaced. The center console is all restored. The seats are reupholstered, new headrests. Complete set of factory seat belts including the shoulder belts. The headliner is as tight as a drum, the mirror and visors are excellent. Carpet and embroidered mats look new. New glove box liner with the owner's manual.

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: This is what makes it special: a 440 Magnum making 375 horsepower. They were shoe horned into this little dart engine bay. This is the original #s match motor. It is restored and detailed like it just rolled out of the factory. The engine is painted, correct carburetor was rebuilt, valve covers and air cleaner are restored. It has the correct exhaust manifolds unique to this car. A set was recently put for sale at $6,500, they sold immediately. The original distributor was rebuilt and is included. It also has a correct radiator, reproduction hoses and clamps. Correct Mopar battery is bolted down properly, new cables. The squirter system is hooked up. The engine bay is all clean metal painted gloss blue. The fender tag is attached, the numbers on the core support match the car. Everything is detailed- the pulleys, brackets, wiper motor, wiring is new, has hood insulation. No options or frills, just muscle!

TRUNK COMPARTMENT: Inside the trunk is complete and restored. It painted blue metal with no rust. It has a reproduction mat, weatherstrip and stickers. The wiring harness has been replaced. The spare rim is painted blue, it has reproduction tire. The jack assembly is complete.

UNDERSIDE: Flipped on a rotisserie, the bottom is painted gloss B5 blue. Pristine metal floors, frame rails, seams etc. The suspension and steering was completely apart and restored. Upgraded gas shocks. Dual exhaust with correct chrome tips. Restored brake system, e-brake assembly is hooked up. They were all ordred with drums, a power booster would not fit under the hood and manual disc was not available. Looking up at the motor it is very clean. The casting #s and dates are correct. The vin # stamped by the pan match the car. It has a correct 727 Torqueflite automatic. Rebuilt driveshaft connects to the 3.55 sure grip 8 3/4 rear.

I think this is one of the ultimate muscle cars. The manufacturer took a small, stripped down model and ordered Hurst Performance to figure out how to stuff the biggest cubic inch motor they had in it. Very limited production, this one is real and documented. I feel it is undervalued with investment potential. What do Camaros with 427s bring, or Boss 429 Mustangs?

I, Jay Grams, take pride in personally writing the descriptions for virtually every car for about the last 30 years now. A significant amount of effort goes into fact checking. What I am offering is my professional impression of the vehicle.
Our salesmen are happy to assist with descriptions and making sure your questions are answered. One great suggestion is letting us do a walk around video that explains the car's condition in detail.
**These cars are displayed in a museum. If interested in a particular car make an appointment with a salesman to see that car. Without an appointment there is an admission fee to enter the showroom. If you buy a car, your admission will be refunded and you will be given a 1 year membership.

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Real M code, #s match, build sheet. 640 made, rotisserie resto.
Options and Accessories
  • 3.55 sure grip
  • Bucket seats
  • Console
  • Redline tires
  • Poverty hubcaps
  • Bumble Bee stripe
  • Fender tag
  • Build sheet
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