Hands On Activities

Hands-On and Interactive Activities.

Jurassic Gardens Dino Dig


Be a Paleontologist and discover millions of years old fossilized dinosaur skeletons by carefully brushing away the topsoil in our fossil dig.

Dino Themed Play Ground

Relax in our lush outdoor park while the kids burn off some energy on our dino themed playground.
Jurassic Gardens mining

Mine For Fossils and Gems

You can purchase a desired fossil or gem sand bag, in our dino gift shop and then head over to our water sluice. There you can pan the content of your bag to discover what amazing treasures await you!
Jurassic Gardens Photo

Moldville Plastic Figure Factory

Make your own dino figure right before your eyes!  Chose from a T-Rex or a Brontosaurus.
Jurassic Gardens Theater


In our dino-lab kids can explore fossils and eggs,  learn about dinosaur facts like the discoveries of fossils, stand next to a dino bone to compare their sizes and even enjoy a short educational but fun video in our dino-lab theater.
Jurassic Gardens Photo

Photo Spots

Our residents await you: climb into the mouth of a T-rex or in a Pterodactyl egg for a memorable photo, we PROMISE no dino attacks!