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Sensory Sunday coming to Jurassic Gardens Volo’s animatronic dinosaurs to go still, silent from 10 a.m. to noon Oct. 23

Cynthia Wolf Posted on 2022-10-16

For those with sensory processing disorders, a walk through the writhing and roaring animatronic dinosaurs at Jurassic Gardens in Volo might be downright unnerving. Not so, though, from 10 a.m. to noon on Sunday, Oct. 23, when the leadership at the Volo Museum and Jurassic Gardens have scheduled the first of what may become a recurring Sensory Sunday event. Between those hours on Oct. 23, anyone visiting the indoor park can enjoy the life-like and, in some cases, life-sized dinosaurs while the creatures are still and silent. Volo Museum ...

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Guide to Dinosaur Fossils | Dino Fossil Discoveries

Posted on 2022-03-23

Because dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, everything we know about them we've gained from the study of those fragile, bony structures cemented in sedimentary rock — fossils.  Dinosaur fossils tell us so many things — when they lived, what they looked like, how they acted — even how smart they were. That's a lot of information to gain for something as seemingly boring as a million-year-old skeleton.  And yet these fossils continue to fascinate us and likely will for centuries to come.  Origins of Dinosaur Fossil Discovery  The firs...

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Carnivorous Dino Guide | Jurassic Gardens

Posted on 2022-03-10

Millions of years ago, the giant reptiles we know as dinosaurs inhabited the Earth. Many of them were theropods — or carnivores, scavenging and hunting for meat. From the small, speedy Velociraptors to the towering Tyrannosaurus rex, there was a fascinating array of different species. Here's your comprehensive guide to carnivorous dinosaurs.  The Evolution of Carnivorous Dinosaurs Interestingly, when you look at the range of carnivorous dinosaurs, most of them fall into two categories — large and small. Middle-sized dinosaurs were hard...

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What Are the Most Popular Dinosaurs? | Dino Guide

Posted on 2021-12-17

Even though dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years ago, humans are fascinated by them. From having a strong presence in fictional television shows and cinematic movies such as "Jurassic Park," video games and documentaries, there is no denying that dinosaurs are loved by many.  Masters of the planet for approximately 165 million years, the cause of their extinction is still up for debate. Some say that an asteroid collided with earth, while others believe that widespread volcanic activity is the reason for the dinosaurs' mass extinc...

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Children 12 and younger admitted free to Jurassic Gardens on Columbus Day

Wolf Word Smithing Posted on 2021-09-27

  VOLO — No day-off-school adventure could compare with a journey through Jurassic Gardens. And this Columbus Day, your child’s opportunity to step into this immersive thrill arrives free of charge. You read that right. Children 12 and younger are invited to enjoy Volo Museum’s all-new indoor dinosaur park for free on Oct. 11, with up to five youngsters admitted for each paying adult. Hours at the Volo Museum and Jurassic Gardens are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Featuring tail-waving ceratosauruses, breathtaking T-Rexes and a theater-qualit...

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What Were the Largest Dinosaurs? | Dino Guide

Posted on 2021-09-23

Volo Auto Museum strives to provide you and your family with an engaging, educational and fun experience when you choose to visit. Being a family-owned business, the museum understands the importance of engaging a wide variety of visitors — from children to amateur enthusiasts to serious car collectors. Because of the variety of attractions and activities, Volo Auto Museum is confident that anyone can enjoy a visit here.   While the sales arm of Volo Auto Sales and Museum specializes in collector cars and auto sales, the museum’s highly ...

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Free Jurassic Gardens visit offered for teachers

Wolf Word Smithing Posted on 2021-07-22

Free Jurassic Gardens visit offered for teachers Educator Appreciation Week set Aug. 7-15 at new, indoor dinosaur park VOLO — Educators are invited to check out Jurassic Gardens the week of Saturday, Aug. 7, to Sunday, Aug. 15, free of charge, Volo Auto Museum officials announced.“We want to show our appreciation for teachers, who certainly rose to the occasion through extraordinary circumstances over the last year and a half,” said Brian Grams, director of the auto and dinosaur museum complex at 27582 Volo Village Road. “We also want to...

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Educator Appreciation

Posted on 2021-07-18

  Educators Appreciation. Free Admission to Jurassic Gardens. To qualify for free admission to Jurassic Gardens you must be a currently employed educator from an accredited public or private K - 12 school in the United States.  Verification of employment must be presented at time of entry.  Once verified the educator plus one (1) guest will be granted a one (1) time free visit to Jurassic Gardens located at 27582 Volo Village Rd., Volo, IL 60073.  Educators may redeem one (1) free entry starting at 10:00 AM central time on August ...

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Jurassic Gardens | The Immersive Dinosaur Experience

Posted on 2021-07-08

The Volo Auto Museum has some exciting new neighbors, and they’re over 65 million years old. Jurassic Gardens is a brand-new, state-of-the-art museum experience that opened to tremendous success in May 2021. With an indoor exhibit that includes over 40 animatronic dinosaurs, a fossil dig, mining sluice, arcade and more attractions, the Jurassic Gardens experience is fun for the whole family. Your Experience at the Jurassic Gardens Exhibit When you walk into the Jurassic Gardens experience at Volo Auto Museum, you see a towering T-Rex tha...

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Dinosaurs' delight and amaze

Cynthia Wolf Posted on 2021-05-24

Dinosaurs delight, amaze visitors at Volo Auto Museum’s new Jurassic Gardens VOLO — Once past the towering T-Rex at the entryway, visitors to the new Jurassic Gardens at Volo Auto Museum walk into a green-fronded world thick with the pounding footfalls and piercing cries of dimetrodons, pterodactyls and triceratops. Dozens of iguanodons, ceratosauruses and velociraptors dot the gloam-lit landscape. “With the background sounds, the lighting, the foliage, the movement, it pulls you into dinosaur times,” said Brian Grams, director of the Volo A...