1951 Chrysler 331 Hemi Cutaway Engine. Selling No Reserve Starting Sept. 19th

To Be Auctioned Off No-Reserve Beginning on Sept. 19th. Estimate $3,000 - $4,000. Very rare 1951 Chrysler Firepower 331 Hemi cutaway engine. In 1951 Chrysler came out with a new engine design, commonly known of today as the Hemi. In order to display this new technology Chrysler built a very limited number of cutaway engines to show off the engines new design. It was powered by an electric motor which would turn the engine over mimicking the movements of a running engine. The engine block was cast with no casting numbers because it was intended for display use only. We purchased this engine from a school where it had been sitting in their automotive class longer than any of the faculty could remember. The only other one we have been able to find was part of the Harrah's Collection of Reno before being donated to the Museum of Drag Racing. Very rare (and cool) piece of automotive history!
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