Cars For Kids

The Collection Features Many Cars that will Excite Your Kids.

son of the mask car

Son of the Mask

This custom built 1 of 1 car is one of the wildest creations we have ever seen!  Built for the movie Son of the Mask.  Its exaggerated body lines, oversized engine and crazy interior gadgets make it a favorite to children.
Cat in the Hat SLOW

Cat in the Hat S.L.O.W.

This whacky Dr. Seuss car was built at a cost of $1.2 million for the live action movie staring Michael Meyers.  The detail is incredible.  Not only a movie car, but also a work of art.
Flintmobile Flintstone car

The Flintstones

The Flintmobile was built for the live action movie using a golf cart chassis.  Today guests can sit in it and pose for a photo-op at no charge! 
avengers jet


Not a car, but kids love jets too!  This jet was most recently used in the superhero movie Avengers.  Older guests might also recognize it from its previous use in the movie True Lies.
speed racer mach 5

Speed Racer Mach 5

Designed after the cartoon version of Speed Racer, this is one of 6 licensed Mach 5's replicas that were built for street use.  Known as the signature series, they were built to raise money for the Child Safety Network.
TMNT Foot Stinks

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cowabunga Dude!  Its the totally bodacious Turtle Van!  Built to promote the Mattel TMNT toy line.  Styled after the cartoon version, this real-life version is a functioning vehicle and even features the swing away side door with seat.
Pee Wee's Big Adventure

Pee Wee's Big Adventure

It's not for sale Francis!  In the rafters of our Show Biz Pizza you'll find this little gem.  Said to be one of 15 built and used in the movie.  Guess its not in the basement of the Alamo.
Barbie Car

Barbie's Pink Convertible

One of guests favorite displays!  Like seeing a diecast Barbie model on the shelf of a store, only life-size!  This pink convertible was custom built for Barbies use at Epcot Center. 


Kids love Dinosaurs.  Kids love trucks.  Here's a Dinosaur ripping through a truck.  Need we say more?
hood and ladder

Crosley Hook and Ladder Kiddie Fire Truck 

This vehicle is classified as an amusment ride!  It was purchased new by Whalom Amusment Park, the first amusment park in the US, in 1951 and used to entertain children for 49 years until it closed down in 2000.  Hauls up to 25 children.
sponge bob

Sponge Bob Boatmobile

See the Sponge Bob themed Boatmobile, powered by a 427 Chevrolet engine that runs on Krabby Patties.  
scooby doo mystery machine

ZOINKS! It's the Mystery Machine

Rut Ro did Scooby and the gang forget where they parked their cruiser or are they solving a mystery at the museum?

Cinderella Wake Wagon 

What's a Princess to do when she's running really late for a ball and her fairy godmothers pumpkin with wheels just won't do? She turns to her fairy godfather who supplies her a chariot with 450 horses in the form of a modified Shelby V-8 engine.  Not only did she live happily ever after, but Cinderella was never late again. 
Mater Nighter

All Nighter'er The Brown Tow Truck

All Night'er, the brown Tow Truck, is a bit of a goofy truck. He's funny. Many people think he should be a comedian instead of a Tow Truck.
McQueen Thunder

Thunder McKing The Red Racer

There are a lot of rumors circulating about Thunder in our small town. Some say he's famous. Some say he's a celebrity in disguise.
star wars land speeder

And Many More

These are the highlighted Kids Cars, but there are still so many more cars the kids will love.  More TV and Movie cars, Monster Trucks, and other oddities.
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