The Disneyland Toy Factory is unlike any other Mold-A-Rama mold making machine.  It's rarity and Disney characters separate them from the rest!

1960's Disneyland mold a rama at fair

Originally used to promote Disneyland

Disney used special Disneyland Toy Factory branded Mold-A-Rama machines during the 1964 - 1965 New York World's Fair to promote the Disneyland theme park.  Technically speaking, while the machine was built by Mold-A-Rama, it is not a Mold-A-Rama because it does not produce Mold-A-Rama figures, it produces Disney Figures. Watch Video
Disney Mold a rama characters

Disney Characters

Unlike standard Mold-A-Rama mold making machines, which produce items such as animals, the Disneyland Toy Factory produced actual Disney Characters.
mold a rama volo disney machine

There are no other locations in the world with a Toy Factory available to the public

Because of the rarity and extremely high value of a Disney branded machine, these mostly exist only in private collections.  The Volo Auto Museum is the only know location with not 1, but 3 machines on display.
disneyland toy factory mold a rama

Instant Collectable

Not only are the machines rare but so are the characters they make.  Since the Disney Mold-A-Rama machines are not easily accessible, the characters are very high in demand selling at market places such as eBay for more than quadruple the price of other figures, that is if one is available.
disney gorilla

Can you spot the difference?

Before the Disney branded Mold-A-Rama machine, they considered another.  To the left is a standard gorilla that can be purchased today at many zoo's.  The one on the right is an extremely rare Disney Gorilla, 1 of only 3 known to exist. 
diseny gorilla mold a rama

Rare as it gets

The Disneyland Toy Factory Machines were never used at the Disney Parks. However, a different style machine was used in the park.  It made these gorillas which today are impossible to find.