Motorized Cycles

Not just motorcycles but cycles with motors.



Many variety of Whizzers from 1946 and on.  Ever seen a tandem Whizzer?  You can.
first motorcycle

The First Motorcyle

Some say the first motorcyle was the 1869 Steam Roper, others claim it was the gas powered 1885 Daimler.  Why choose, see them both!

Share Memories 

"When I was a kid, we didn't have electric start" Share your memories and stories with younger family members.
rocket motorcycle

Twin Jet Powered Harley

This pulsejet Harley has 250 pounds of thrust pushing the bike to speeds of 100 - 120 mph.

One of Two

Only two were built, they are very damgerous!
bicycle with motor

Bicycles with attachment motors

Turing your bicycle into a motorcycle was posible with many different styles of aftermarket attachment engines.