Pirate Show



Enjoy a FREE Animatronic Pirate Show

Be entertained by the witty antics of Polly, Shmedly, and the Captain as they sing and perform for you.  Watch Video
The Beagles

The Beagles from Chuck E Cheese

This is 1 of only 2 known Beagles shows known to exist.  Fully restored and performing the greatest Beatles hits for your entertainment. 
showbiz pizza style animatronic show

Show Biz

Animatronic shows, like ours, dominated the pizza industry during the late 70's through the early 90's.  Pizza Time Theater, SHOWBIZ, and Chuck E Cheese were the leaders.
captain pirate show volo

End of an era

Because of the daunting task and high cost of keeping the animatronics maintained, the pizza companies eventually phased them out.
animatronic show volo pizza

Hands-on museum exhibit

As the animatronic shows become obsolete, it's no surprise a museum is the only way enjoy this forgotten style of entertainment.

Become part of the exhibit

You don't just eat pizza, you become part of the exhibit, as you experience it firsthand.
pizza and a show 6.99

Pizza, Drinks and other snacks 

We offer cheese, pepperoni, and sausage pizza by the slice.  Free refills on fountain drinks.  Other items we offer include nachos, ice cream bars, fruit smoothies, and hot dogs (seasonal).
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