Vintage Scooters

Over 50 of the most unique and rare Scooters from all over the world.  Each one of them fully restored or prestine original.


Early Scooters

Our collection of scooters dates back to the first production scooter made, a 1916 Autoped.  They were loved by criminals and hated by the police! 


After World War II Scooters became a primary mode of transportation, especially in Europe.  They were affordable with a low cost of maintenence.

Tour the World

The exhibit features scooters from multiple countries from all over the world.  Many you have probably never heard of.

Memory Lane

Take a trip down memory lane with some of the more well known scooters, like Cushmans.  Chances are you had, knew someone who had or rode a Cushman at some point in your life.

Museum Quality

All of the scooters are either show quality originals or fully restored to better than new.  Many of them award winners


Our scooters are all different shapes and sizes, some look like miniature cars and one even folds up into a suitcase!