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Life on Two Wheels.  Scooters from all over the world.


Over 50 Unusual Scooters

The collection consists of over 50 fully restored scooters from all around the world and dating back to 1916.

See Scooters You Never Knew Exisited

These are only a few examples of what you can expect to see during your tour. 
cezeta 502

1962 Cezeta 502 - Origin: Czechoslovakia

Featured on the History Channel TV show "American Restoration" and restored by Rick Dale in Las Vegas.  Extremely rare.  Known for its distinctive space age design..
Henkel Scooter

1962 Cezeta 502 - Origin: Czechoslovakia

Always hailed as a design classic, the space age style designed by Jaroslav Frantisek Koch (a renowned motorcycle racer & engineer) instantly captured the excitement and styles of the time. This extremely rare scooter has 175cc, 8 HP, and a top speed of 50mph. It was featured on the History Channel show "Ricks's Restoration" during its restoration by the famed Rick Dale in Las Vegas.  

1963 Heinkel Tourist - Origin: Western Germany

This original scooter has only 1597 actual miles on it and all original paint! The toruist is the Rolls Royce of scooters with 175cc, 4 stroke motor, and a 4 speed transmission. Only 100 of the model 103AZS were ever imported into the United States.
pak jak scooter

1971 Pak-Jak - Origin: Wisconsin, USA

Produced for just one year.  Only 125 were ever built. Two wheel drive with floating suspension and electric start. 
moto scoot scooter

1938 Moto Scoot - Origin: Chicago, IL USA

One of the earliest, rarests and cutest scooters built.  Produced from 1937 to 1947.  1 of only 10 known to exist.
Harley scooter

1960 Harley Topper - Origin: Wisconsin, USA

Topper was the only motor scooter that Harley produced.  Top speed of 46 M.P.H..  The words Harley and scooter should never have occupied the same sentence, a marketing mistake.
Zundapp scooter

1957 Zundapp Bella - Origin: Germany

Zundapp built only 2 models; the smaller 154 and the powerful 201.  This 201 is powered by a 200cc engine and was cable of over 60 M.P.H..  Very rare in the USA.
Triumph scooter

1957 Triumph Tessy - Origin: Germany

Only about 200 were imported into the USA, very rare 125 cc engine with a 3 speed tansmission.  Full restoration.
marco scooter

1955 Marco Mobil - Origin: Germany

Known as a two wheeled car because of its large size and wrap around body and windshield.  It could be driven in all weather.  You would not get wet in the rain, at least until you stop
doodle bug scooter

1946 Doodle Bug - Origin: Iowa, USA

Sold by Gambles Stores.  The first motorized Adult Transportation built after WWII.  Produced from 1946 - 1949.
Motobecane scooter

1954 Motobecane Mobylette - Origin: Paris, France

The Mobylette, often shortened to "Moby" was made by French manufacturer Motobecane. They launched in 1949 and ended production in 1997 with numbers over 14 million in total production. With the height of production being in the 1970s, the earliest models are very hard to come by. This 1954 limited edition has been fully restored to its amazing original condition. Considered to be the world's finest mopeds, French today often refer to any moped as a "Mobylette".
victoria scooter

1961 Victoria 115 - Origin: Germany

European design icon of the mid century that was nicknamed "The Tin Banana".
indian scooter

1949 Indian Stylemaster - Origin: Joliet, IL USA

America's most modern motor scooter with chrome jet age bumper and art deco styling.  Manufactured for one year only and is is 1 of only 2 accounted for.
cushman scooter

1938 Cushman Auto Glide - Origin: USA

This is the first Cushman scooter produced. Optional headlight. Four horsepower Husky engine.
autoped scooter

1916 Autoped - Origin New York City, USA

World's first production scooter.  One of only 8 known to exisit with one being on display at the Smithsonian Museum.
salsbury scooter

1947 Salsbury - Origin: Pamona, CA USA

A legendary scooter with a futuristic look and very similar to a car.  Has a gas pedal, brake pedal and an automatic transmission.  Top speed of 45 M.P.H..
terrot scooter

1954 Terrot Scooterrot - Origin: France

Very rare and stylish French beauty.  Terrot introduced its first scooter at the Paris Salon in 1951.  It was promoted as a two-wheeled luxury ca because of its enclosed bodywork and targeted female motorists.  The Terrot was not imported into the USA. 
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