Vintage Snowmobiles

Humans conquered the air before they conquered snow.  The first plane was 1903, the first snow vehicle 1908. It wasn't until 1954 that the first snowmobile, as we know them today, was invented. 

vintage snowmobile

The first snowmobile

Ask 10 people what the first snowmobile was and you'll get 10 different answers.  One of them is the Ford Model T equipped with the Snow Flyer option.  See one of these rare first snowmobiles on display.
vintage snowmobile

First Recreational Snowmobiles

In the beginning, there were many brands of snowmobile manufacturers.  Today there only 3 exist.  See a variety of snowmobiles from a Ghia to Suzuki. 
vintage snowmobile

Unique Designs

There were many different designs of snow traveling vehicles, from skis and tracks to skis and props.  This snow plane is capable of over 100 MPH and carries 4 riders!
vintage snowmobile

Rocket Sled

World Record Speed Setter.  Built and driven by the famed "Rocketman" in 1975.  It reached 150 MPH.  
vintage snowmobile

Not just fun, they also work! 

Snowmobiles were not only fun, but also aided travel for work.  Used by trappers, doctors and mail carriers for a variety of tasks in the snow.
vintage snowmobile

No Bitter Weather

For some of us, the best way to enjoy a snomobile is in the warm indoors.  View this collection from the comfort of being indoors with climate control.
vintage snowmobile

Snow Coupe

See this very rare Snow Coupe, which had less than 200 ever made.
vintage snowmobile

Rear Engine

See many snowmobiles with rear engine designs.
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