Special Interest Cars

Cars so unique, they are in a class all their own.  

red baron

The Red Baron

Designed by Tom Daniel, the Red Baron rose to the top of fame as the all time best selling model car.  The model was built before a real-life version of the car was ever built!
boss hoss monster truck

Brute Boss Hoss

This is one of the very first Monster Trucks ever built.  The truck would show off its power by crushing cars, doing tug of wars, and once even pulled down a two story house! 
Ed Roth Out law

The Outlaw by Ed Roth

A total of 11 Outlaw bodies were built. This car was built from body design #8.  Designed by Ed Roth of Rat Fink fame.
1886 Benz

1886 Benz

The 1886 Benz is credited as the first car.  It was designed by Carl Benz.  It has an internal combustion engine and rack and pinion steering. 
formula race car

Formula 1 Race Car

This F1 Indy car was driven by the legendary Michael Andretti during the 1980's.  Built by March Race Engineering.
formula race car

You Can Sit In It

This retired race car has been modified to allow public visitors to sit in it and get the feel of a real F1 race car.  Be sure to take a picture! 
Disneyland Disnry Dizzy Lizzy Model T

Disney's Dizzy Lizzy

Built in the late 1950's for use in the Disneyland Main Street Parade, and driven by Goofy, this Model T was modified to do wheelies and allow for 360 spins while on its rear tires.
Crosley hook and ladder

1951 Crosley Hook and Ladder

This Crosley was bought new by Whalom Amusment Park, the first amusment park in the US.  It served as an amusment ride for 25 kids at a time until the park closed in 2000.  
formula race car

1940's Dirt Track Racer

This 1929 Model A was modified for dirt track racing.  It features an M5A1-346CI V8 engine out of a tank!!  It's very crude, as there were no real safety regulations.  It's nothing more than a lift off steel body, chassis, and a big engine! 
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