Vintage Campers

See In Person What Most Have Only Seen in Pictures at Our Camper and RV Museum.  Rarest of the Rare Campers and RVs!

1928 Model A House Car

1928 Ford Model A House Car

During the great depression, many people couldn't afford to live in their homes.  Cars were being converted into House Cars allowing their owners to travel from city to city while looking for work.  This is one of 2 known to exist that were built by Ford.
1928 Model A house car interior

1928 Model A House Car Interior

The interior of this house car has been authentically restored using the original fixtures and hardware.  Notice the wood buring stove?
1932 covered wagon camper

1932 Covered Wagon

The Covered Wagon was the first factory produced camper.  Most people have only seen one of these in photos. Only 6 are known to exist and our exhibit features 2!  This one was parked in 1939 and is all original except for new exterior leatherette. LEARN MORE
1932 covered wagon interior

1932 Covered Wagon interior

This interior is mostly original and unrestored. Did you see how it's staged with period correct accessories?
1934 Covered Wagon Camper

1934 Covered Wagon

Produced from 1931 until 1944 and only 6 are known to exist today.  This one was a rich man's camper and custom ordered with all the luxuries. From a wood burning stove, full kitchen, and even a functional toilet, this one has it all.  Mostly original and unrestored.
1934 covered wagon interior

1934 Covered Wagon Interior

Does it get more luxurious than this?  Often the family would enjoy riding in the camper while a hired driver towed them. Note the phone?  That's an intercom to talk to the driver.
1936 Masterblt

1936 Masterbilt Scout

Very rare, Masterbilt was only in production for 3 years. This is one of only 3 known to exist today. The Scout was the biggest, most luxurious camper constructed by Masterbilt.  This was frame-off restored by Flyte Camp of the famed Travel Channel TV show "Flippin' RV's".
1936 Masterbilt interior

1936 Masterbilt Interior

A functional kitchen, including gas stove, from 1936!
1949 airfloat

1949 Airfloat Land Yacht

Very popular with the rich and famous, James Dean even owned one.  Very unique porthole windows give the interior the feeling of living in a yacht.
1949 airfloat interior

1949 Airfloat Interior

The interior of this Airfloat is roomy and comfortable.  It features both a bed and dining area that converts to a second bed. 
1949 Spartan House Bus

1949 Spartan House Bus

You can walk inside this bus and be taken back to the 1950's.  A true time capsule that was parked in the 1960's and left untouched until we purchased it in 2017.  Factory built, custom ordered, loaded with options!
1949 Spartan interior

1949 Spartan Interior

We invite you to take a walk through the Spartan House Bus and witness the nostalgia.  Not only is the interior period correct, it is original! Even the toiletries and utensils are the originals left behind when the family parked it in the 60's.

1961 Trailorboat

This is a very rare Trailorboat camper, only 157 were built.  It's most unique feature is the roof, that removes and doubles as a boat.  
camper memoabila


The camper exhibit features lots of memorabilia that you might find during your road trip. Featuring vintage canned good and kitchen items, games, antique radios, fishing gear and more.