Kids Zone

If you're looking for a fun museum for kids and families in Illinois, you've come to the right place! 

Three Playgrounds

Head outside and enjoy our train, monster truck, and traditional playgrounds on our beautifully groomed property. Kids will love climbing, playing, sliding — and burning off energy!

Train Depot

While waiting for the TRAIN TOUR parents can enjoy shaded seating while the kids explore the many activities at the outdoor Train Depot.

Show Biz Pizza

Here fun has no age limit.  At our SHOW BIZ PIZZA see characters come to life with our animatronic stage shows while enjoying a slice of pizza or other snacks!

Cars For Kids

Kids of all ages love to get up-close and personal with our collection of cars for kids. We have cartoon cars, Disney cars, a Dino-Truck, one of the largest collections of Batmobiles in the world. Sit inside the Flintstones "Flintmobile" for a memorable photo!

Antique Arcade Gallery

Our collection of antique and vintage arcade games is sure to put a smile on everyone's face. Try your hand at a rifle shooting gallery, a 1962 Williams Road Racer, and other fun and addicting games. Who do you think can get the highest score, you or your child?

Kids Exhibits

We also display many KIDS EXHIBITS from Disney to Batman
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