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Guide to the Titanic | Titanic History

Posted on 2022-05-09

The sinking of the Titanic remains one of the most famous tragedies of all time. Dubbed “unsinkable," the Titanic only needed to brush an iceberg to show mankind's limits on greatness and the fallacy of perfection. It's a story unlike any other, filled with heroes, drama and plenty of myths that still abound today. The tragedy has become immortalized with books and films — new generations are always being brought up to speed with James Cameron's blockbuster Titanic. Although the Jack and Rose story isn't true, there is always that chance ...

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History of Ferguson P99 | The First 4WD F1 Car

Posted on 2022-04-15

Developed and designed by Ferguson Research Ltd., a farming tractor company with aviation DNA, The Ferguson P99 emerged from the need to show the world the power of a vehicle driven with all four wheels. As it stands, it was the car that introduced the world to 4WD with its remarkable victory in Formula 1.  Ferguson P99’s History: The car itself During the infancy of Formula 1, the amount of experimentation and different designs were simply outstanding. The innovations back then still haven't settled on anything. Front-engine, back engin...

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History of Outboard Motors | Outboard Motor Guide

Posted on 2022-02-24

  Today's powerful 400-plus horsepower modern engines feel like entirely different machines from the hand-cranked outboard motors of the past. However, while we've certainly come a long way from those first designs, they were the beginnings of a profitable market that still thrives today.  The history of outboard motors is full of subtle controversy and rich stories intertwined throughout, adding to myth and building substance around the outboard motor. Various people played a role and contributed their ideas to make this machine.  Here i...

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Jim Wojdyla Posted on 2022-02-23

ANNUAL PRINCESS AND SUPERHERO CHARITY EVENT RETURNS.  VOLO, IL – After a two-year COVID hiatus, Volo Museum will be hosting its annual Princess & Superhero Day on Saturday, March 26th from 10am-5pm in the Volo Museum located at 27582 Volo Village Rd. Any kid 12 years old and younger that dresses up in their favorite costume gets free admission to the museum and the event. Everyone that attends will have the chance to meet dozens of elaborately costumed characters courtesy of Costumers With a Cause and the Fairytale Birthday Co. rang...

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History of Arcade Games | Arcade Game Evolution

Posted on 2022-01-19

Arcades will always be a cherished and nostalgic era in American history. They were dark coves of freedom for kids in the '70s and '80s — with some coins and a few friends, you could roam the arcade for hours, free from parental monitoring.  It was a world of flashing lights and youthful excitement, where younger kids discovered games for the first time and the elders tried to retain their high scores. The environment of the arcade was iconic in itself, but even more intriguing than that were the games you found inside.  There was someth...

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Treat your family to a ‘Christmas Vacation’ they won’t forget at Volo Museum this year

Wolf Word Smithing Posted on 2021-11-19

  Treat your family to a ‘Christmas Vacation’ they won’t forget at Volo Museum this year National Lampoon’s film tribute display on view Dec. 4, 2021, to Jan. 2, 2022   VOLO — Bluto Blutarsky, meet Clark Griswold: The Volo Museum is tipping its Santa hat to a trio of National Lampoon’s film faves this holiday season, and you’re invited to the festive fun. “We’re transforming the entry way to Showroom 1 into a temporary tribute to National Lampoon’s best-loved films,” said Brian Grams, museum director. “We’ve got the 1959 Corvette from...

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Volo Museum Sets Cars & Costumes Event

"Wolf" Wordsmithing Posted on 2021-10-18

Costume-clad kids 12 and younger get in free on Halloween 
 VOLO — Little Johnny may prefer the chalk white face, black-ringed eyes and tattered attire of a zombie, while Jane’s more of a pink unicorn-horns-and-glitter gal.   But it’s no contest: As long as they’re in costume, all kids 12 and younger win this Halloween at the Volo Museum. That’s because all costume-clad kids 12 and younger get in to the museum free with a paying adult this Oct. 31 for the museum’s first Cars & Costumes event. “We thought it would be fun to see t...

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Circus troupe set to thrill Volo Museum visitors

Wolf Word Smithing Posted on 2021-08-21

Circus troupe set to thrill Volo Museum visitors Atomic Circus to bring tight wire, juggling, rola bola acts to Volo Aug. 28, 29 VOLO — To say a visit to the Volo Museum on Aug. 28 or 29 will be extraordinary might seem a stretch. After all, at this place of mighty Mopar meets T-Rex, there are no ordinary days. But trust us: It will be the tight wire, the acrobats’ limbs and the smiles on the audience’s faces that are stretching as they take in that weekend’s amazing performances of the Atomic Circus.One-hour shows by this small but migh...

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Fast & Furious fans invited to celebrate franchise’s 20th anniversary at Volo Auto Museum

Posted on 2021-06-09

Fast & Furious fans invited to celebrate franchise’s 20th anniversary at Volo Auto Museum Recite famous ¼-mile quote for $2 off admission June 25-27   VOLO — Back on the fourth Friday of June in 2001, a relatively low-budget film absolutely floored fans, propelling several actors — and one especially epic car — to stardom.   The careers of Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster would never be the same as “The Fast and the Furious” launched a globally celebrated film franchise now worth billions of dollar...

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Your Chance to Own a Famous Movie Car

Posted on 2021-02-23

Cars have had an enormous impact on American life. From their introduction in the early 20th century to their exploding popularity in the roaring '20s, cars became the sole means of transportation. Gone were the horses and carriages — roads were quickly paved, so the new machines could travel any time of the year. Today, cars are a valuable asset to any movie. We all have our favorite famous vehicle, whether it's the Batmobile or "Ghostbuster" Ecto-1. One of the hardest things to achieve is owning one of these priceless machines. These cars...