Svengoolie Meet & Greet October 26th

"The time has come for scary things. Like vampires, ghosts, and vampire wings. Like horrible movies, all drippy and drooly. And horrible hosts like me, Svengoolie!"

Halloween at Volo! October 26th, 2019

It’s a fun filled, Halloween themed, day at the Volo Auto Museum. Meet Chicago Horror Host, Svengoolie! Take a Train Ride! See all the spooky TV and Movie cars like the Killer Car 'Christine' or the Munster mobiles. All included with normal general admission, we don't up charge! 

Svengoolie Meet & Greet

Meet Svengoolie between 12 & 2. Bring an item to have signed and pose for a picture taken by our photographer.  To ensure everyone gets a turn there will be no personal cameras allowed.  Limited to 1 picture and 1 autograph per person. Photos will be posted to the Volo Auto Museum Facebook page where you will be able to retrieve them.  

Haunted Train Ride

Hear the true haunted tales of the museum property told by our scare taker Spooks Easy – Cost is 2 tokens and is first come first served. Haunted Train runs Saturdays & Sundays in the fall at 11:30, 1:00, 2:30, & 4:00. Weather Permitting.

Tips For Your Discomfort and Terror

This is a popular event, be prepared to wait in lines, we will do our best to keep the lines moving quickly.  You can help the lines move quickly by purchasing your tickets on-line and printing them.  It’s much faster to process a printed ticket than it is to scan a mobile device.  Wear comfortable shoes. Svengoolie is here until 2:00. The line will close prior to 2:00 to make sure anyone in line will get a chance to meet him.  If you'd like an item autographed, bring it. Autographs are STRICTLY limited to 1 per person to keep the line flowing.  We will have a photographer to take a picture of you and Svengoolie. You will be able to retrieve those photos from our Facebook page during the following week. To keep the line flowing, pictures with personal cameras / phones are not allowed.  This is a special event, no coupons, discounted tickets, groupons, etc. will be accepted.
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