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1966 Ford GT40

1966 Ford


Ford v Ferrari

This is the Holy Grail of Ford v Ferrari movie cars. The entire plot and build up of the movie was about Ken Miles and his race at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans in this car. This car is easily the most recognizable of all the cars used in the movie, it was used on all the movie posters and DVD covers. It is a 5 star rated car with lots of screen time.

Only 2 blue #1 Leman's GT40 race cars were built for the movie, one by RCR and one by Superformance. Of the two cars, only one was used during production and that was this very car, built by RCR. The Superformance car was used for promotions only and appeared at the red carpet event. This is the car that Christian Bale was seen in, used for both interior and exterior filming, including the famous scene with the door not closing! The car was built to race car specification with a full custom aluminum chassis that is identical to the original GT40 produced by Ford. The body is exact in dimension and shape to the original as well. To simply things for the mechanics on set all of the cars were powered by Chevrolet LS3 engines connected to a Porches transaxle. The car was dressed in "Hollywood Make Up" to appear dirty and raced.

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