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1959 Chevrolet Corvette

1959 Chevrolet


National Lampoon's Animal House

This is the actual 1959 Corvette used by Tim Matheson as "Otter" in the movie Animal House. The car was widely used in the movies promotion including press pictures with the entire cast, including the late John Belushi. It was also used on the movie poster and film cover. Several toys were produced including die-cast cars and toy cars featuring miniature cast member figures.

The car was lost to the public for over 40 years. Purchased used in 1975 by an Oregon resident who was in the movie business as a gift to his wife. When he was working on the set of Animal House he offered the car up as the main transportation to main character "otter" played by Tim Matheson. He rented the car to Universal Studios for four weeks for $400. After the movie, the car was parked in a shed. Neither the owner, or his wife were very fond of the car so it remained in the shed for over 40 years in untouched original condition as was used in the movie until acquired by Volo Museum. It even still wore its original prop license plate and narrow white wall tires.

The car itself is a 1959 Corvette, factory 283-Dual Quad 4 speed with 2 tops and a Wonderbar Radio. It has only 37k miles, with less than 200 miles put on the car since 1975. The car is a survivor with original paint, chrome, soft top etc. The factory red interior was replaced with a black diamond pleat (very noticeable in the movie stills) and minor changes such as a Hurst shifter and headers. Otherwise the car is a true survivor.

This car is fully documented with receipts and canceled checks from Universal Studios and much more. It was the only one used in the movie.