The Albany was a limited production

The Albany was a limited production "Craftsman" automobile built by Albany Motor Carriage Company of Christchurch, U.K. from 1971-1997.  Brothers Bryan and David Shepherd drew inspiration from a few Veteran era automobiles (cars produced before 1906) to create this historical tribute.Ask any brass-car collector about the prospect of taking a car on the road.  It's likely that most of these painstakingly restored century-old cars wouldn't be allowed out of their showrooms.  The Albany was the answer to those antique car enthusiasts that desired the antique car touring experience without risking damage to their precious originals.  The elegantly concealed modern drivetrain is powered by a 1300cc Triumph Spitfire engine.This model was fabricated in 1974 and features excellent trim options from Albany M.C.C.A brass horn, vinyl folding top, turn signals and a windshield wiper are some of the accessories that provides the driver with enough equipment to run the car on modern roads.  If you've wished you could own a brass car but you're apprehensive due to the investment, here's a model that will ease you into the hobby without costing an arm and a leg.  Youtube video available upon request.  Call our classic car division at 815-385-8408 for video and/or vehicle information.
Options and Accessories
  • Trumpet Horn
  • Wood Spoke Wheels
  • Windshield Wiper
  • Turn Signals
  • Vinyl Convertible Top
  • Rear Mounted Spare
  • Rear View Mirror
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