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Duesengberg II is a registered trademark produced from 1977 to 2012. Total production 67.
The last one off the line in 2012 cost $1.2 million dollars, it is displayed in our museum.

These cars were built to drive. Has every comfort option including automatic transmission
and air conditioning. Modern, powerful Ford drive train can be serviced at any Ford dealer.

1934 Duesenberg
Walker LeGrande Dual Cowl Phaeton

MODEL: SJ Dual Cowl Phaeton
MILEAGE: 37,000
ENGINE: 351 Cleveland FORD V-8

Duesengberg II is a registered trademark produced from 1977 to 2012. Total production 67.
The last one off the line in 2012 cost $1.2 million dollars, it is displayed in our museum.

These cars were built to drive. Has every comfort option including automatic transmission
and air conditioning. Modern, powerful Ford drive train can be serviced at any Ford dealer.

Recent Upgrades To It's Authenticity:
Factory correct Duesenberg steering wheel on correct steering column with correct ignition. Chrome floor shifter to make it look like original manual 3-speed. Correct Duesenberg SJ exhaust tips. Leather covers conceal the front coil springs. Functional Pilot Ray lights that actually turn with the steering. Has both, the side mount tread covers and side covers. Has new Wilton wool carpeting and German cloth top. Original style outside door handles.
Recent Improvement Modifications:
Freshly serviced air conditioning and heat. Has tool kit, spare keys, manuals and all the original factory paperwork from 1983.
Quote from Tex Smith of old cars weekly. “If you went back to 1932 and put a Duesenberg ll next to a Duesenberg, 98% chance they would take the Duesenberg ll over the original”.
Most of the original parts, like steering wheel, steering columns, sidemount covers are fabricated exclusively by the Volo Auto Museum at a great expense.
This car is being offered for $225,000. It's one of the most authentic Duesenberg lls in the world. It has been driven only 37,000 miles. Just completely serviced including new brakes, major tune up

Original Appearance Items
• Full scale design – 153.5 wheelbase
• Full size Duesenberg headlamps with original glass lenses
• 8 4” flexible stainless steel side exhaust pipes
• Twin original type bugle horns chrome
• Original Duesenberg radiator grill with stainless shutter bars
• Original design, engine turned instrument panel with beveled crystal lenses and Duesenberg instruments
• Original style bumpers
• Original design, all leather interior
• Duesenberg floor shift lever
• Spacious interior with original size doors


• 351 CID 5.7 liter V-8 manufactured by Ford Motor Corp
• Automatic C-6 transmission manufactured by Ford Motor Corp
• Custom built full frame with rigid X-member
• Power brakes with front discs
• Power steering
• Twin I-beam front suspension
• Steel reinforced fiberglass body structure
• Genuine leather interior
• Hartz cloth convertible top
• Air conditioning
• Cruise control
• Mechanical service and parts may be provided by any Ford or Lincoln dealer.

Over the years, many attempts have been made to recapture the magic of the Duesenberg name, yet the near-mythical style and engineering brilliance of the E. L. Cord days remained exlusive. Most of these attempts were half-baked concepts without the necessary funding to even reach production. But in the late 1970s, one company did manage to recapture some of that exlusive Duesenberg character.
The company, Dusenberg Motors, was founded by Richard Braund, a restoration specialist in Elroy, Wisconsin.
Mr Braund had vast experience in the classic car business and a great appreciation for the big pre-war classics, which sparked his idea for a proper revival of the Duesenberg name. While other attempts to revive the name resulted in gaudy neo-classics or poorly built fiberglass replica jokes, Duesenberg Motors' cars were exacting copies of the originals that rode on a bespoke chassis with Ford-derived suspension and running gear.
But what really set the Duesenberg Motors vehicles apart from “replicars” was their exceptional build quality and amazing accuracy. Each body style was precisely measured using an original example as a template and each car utilized high-quality Ford engines and specially built frames. The grills, bumpers and other details were expensive castings and the bodies were hand-finished and assembled by a team of craftsmen working at the Elroy plant.
These details meant the Duesenberg II was fabulously expensive. With all the grand looks of the original yet with easily serviced Ford running gear, these magnificent automobiles are genuine classics and real collector cars that are highly sought after. Most of the Duesenberg IIs are in museums, many owned by celebrities. Very rarely one comes up for sale. A total 0f 67 Duesenberg IIs were produced from 1977 to 2011. This is #18 of 27 speedsters built total.
THERE WAS USUALLY A 36 MONTH WAIT, if you wanted to own a Duesenberg II. If you wanted one sooner, you could buy out someone's contract. Customers were paying up to $500,000 just to get one without the wait.
Over 5,000 man hours and hand built craftmanship goes into every Duesenberg II.

Very authentic, factory built recreation of one of the most Elegant cars ever built in America.
From the personal collection of Greg Grams, the foremost authority on Duesenberg lls and owner of Volo Auto Museum. He was one of the original factory dealers for these cars back the early 1980s. Even priced around $200,000 35 years ago you were lucky just to get one. Production was very limited. Each car was meticulously handbuilt by Elite Heritage Motors in Elroy WI. Extreme efforts to make each car almost identical in appearance to the original.
Now over 3 decades later Greg has such a passion for these cars that each one in his collection has undergone a Phase ll bringing them to the next level. Tens of thousands of dollars spent upgrading to make it practically indistinguishable from the original by most people. Greg had authentic steering wheel cast and installed, proper exhaust tip reproduced, moved shifter to the floor to resemble original manual shift and installed an almost unattainable functioning set of pilot ray lights and more. But that is not all- correct wilton carpet with sewn edges replace the shag. A new rich dark blue canvas top was installed. The car has been mechanically serviced, includes a set of tools, extra keys (with leather Duesenberg key ring) and literature including original factory records and brochure featuring this car.
Each car was built on brand new at the time, Ford chassis and driveline. Now only 6,645 actual miles. Features a modified heavy duty truck frame and the very powerful 351 Cleveland engine. With auto trans, power steering, power disc brakes and even a/c the car is leaps and bounds more pleasurable to drive then the original. It is intended to be driven to the point a hidden navigation and back up camera that retracts from under the dash was installed. Also, it so much more reliable and t is serviceable at any shop that can work on a Ford!
These cars rarely come on the market and this is the first one ever offered from Greg's personal collection with the Phase ll package. The elite few that are lucky enough to own a D ll didn't buy one because they couldnt afford the original. They bought one because they prefer the D ll. Actually they made less D lls then originals. It's a Duesy!

1982 Duesenberg Motors, Inc. Marketing Materials

The Duesenberg II automobile was created as the “ultimate modern classic”, with the objectives of recapturing the aesthetic elegance of the original Duesenberg Model J in a car that was comfortable and practical to use, and that would always be a true “collector's car” because of the attention to detail and the level of craftsmanship involved in its creation. Originating in Elroy, Wisconsin, tooling for the first model began in 1975, and the first production Duesenberg II Speedster was delivered in 1978. A new corporation, Duesenberg Motors, Inc., was formed in late 1996 to continue and expand the manufacture of these most unique vehicles.

Four other models have followed the Speedster into production over the past twenty years – the Royalton Tourster, Torpedo Roadster, Murphy Roadster, and Torpedo Phaeton. A new model, the Duesenberg II Torpedo Sedan, is now available for the collector who wants the ultimate luxury sedan. Exact in design, scale and quality craftsmanship to the original models, each Duesenberg II is custom crafted to order as a unique statement of elegance, luxury, and hand-built quality that is a reflection of the buyer's personal taste. Both the exterior and interior have the original look and detail, while offering the convenience of a modern drive train and comfort features, cleverly concealed with original design controls.

Built on a massive custom frame with a structural steel body framework, the Duesenberg II features a modern drive line, with the balance of the car's components custom made to match the original (bumpers, lights, radiator shell, sidepipes, windshield frames, moldings, dash, ect.). Almost everything you see on the vehicle is hand fit and finished, from the steering wheel to the door hinges. This attention to detail and the use of the finest materials available, combined with the timeless styling of the 1930's most expensive car, make the Duesenberg II the most unique automobile being built today.

Duesenberg, Duesenberg II, Torpedo Roadster, and Royalton are registered trademarks of Duesenberg Motors, Inc.
Options and Accessories
  • Dual cowl
  • Dual windshield
  • Pilot ray lights
  • Sidemount covers
  • Chrome tread covers
  • Chrome sidemount covers
  • Air conditioning
  • Power steering
  • Power disc brakes
  • Stereo
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