Brings more smiles then you can count!

Wildly interesting car! Aka: 2 face, always moving forward, double header or push me-pull me. Whatever you call it, the car steels the show where ever it goes. Everyone wants their picture with it. It gets even better, it drives! At one end you have headlights, the other end has headlights too but they are converted to function as taillights. It is so accurately mirror imaged that you won't know which end to get in to drive. Inside has complete matching dashboards, steering wheels, pedals and even keys hanging in each ignition! It was built in the 1960s by the Bismarck State College auto body department. They took 2 complete 1957 Fords, cut them in half and grafted the front ends together. They went on to use the car in parades and shows to promote their schools innovative shop department. Then the car was parked, not to be seen by the public for many years. Old pictures have actually been published in car magazines asking if anyone knows the whereabouts of the car. More recently a man in Connecticut purchased the car and restored the body, paint and rebuilt the mechanics. We recently rechromed the bumpers. Interior is very good original condition. This has been a popular display in our museum that I hate to see go, need to make room for new displays. If you have a collection, this could be the piece people enjoy most. If you have a business, this could be a great promotional piece (and a tax write off). If you just like to have a good time, this will bring more smiles to people's faces then you can count!
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