Nut & bolt resto, fits in standard garage!

Have you ever seen a vehicle as nifty as this one? Wow, it is center of attention in our showroom. Such an interesting piece of Americana that you won't see anywhere else. It takes your imagination back to a bygone era.
It has just finished a body off frame meticulous restoration. It looks and runs better then it did new.

EXTERIOR: All metal and it is arrow straight. The paint is blocked and buffed to a mirror finish, far better then Henry Ford did. The tu-tone colors are great and the creme accents really make it attractive. The cherry on the cake is the Phillips 66 service station lettering and logo. It is further dressed up with orange spoke wheels, 6 of them, each with new white wall tires. Also has stainless stone gaurd protecting the radiator, optional quail ornament, brass extinguisher, cowl lights, running board step plates and chrome bed rails. Every piece of chrome and stainless is pristine, has Ford script headlights. The real star of the show is the weaver crane in the bed. It is painted and detailed beautifully. Has big cast gears, new stainless cable, vintage square bolts and even Weaver emblem. Notice there is no motor attached, you get a big crank handle and hopefully someone with arms like Popeye to pull you out of a ditch. Up top there is a light bar with 3 functioning chrome lights, 2 white- 1 red with vintage style wiring. It cleverly folds down to fit in any standard garage. Up front there is a rarely seen Weaver winch to aid in recovering vehicles from precarious positions.

INTERIOR: It is completely restored and upgraded. All new gray fabric upholstery. Repainted dash, new chrome instrument bezel and gauges. New handles. Has swing out windshield. Has beveled mirror with clock and vintage flashlight mounted to column. Because it is upgraded to 12 volt it a stereo and turn signals were able to be installed.

MOTOR COMPARTMENT: Restored like new. Firewall as slick as the outside. The original 4 cylinder L head engine is rebuilt and painted the original green. Has vintage style plugs and wires. You will see an alternater was installed in place of a generator. I can personally testify this motor runs like a Swiss watch. I have cold started it a few times and it pops right over. This is a very easy car to drive and maintain. Very basic and every part is available.

UNDERSIDE: It was taken apart down to a bare chassis. Everything was restored and detailed.

This truck can be enjoyed by putting around town, going to shows and parades. It will be a real conversation piece. Another great purpose would be to promote your business, especially any auto related business. Or if you have the ultimate car collection, this would be a great addition. It might even become the main attraction!
Options and Accessories
  • Weaver front winch
  • Weaver crane
  • Spot lights
  • Dual side mounts
  • 6 whitewalls
  • Stone gaurd
  • Quail ornament
  • Bed rails
  • Vintage extinguisher
  • Vintage flashlight
  • 12 volt upgrade
  • Turn signals
  • Stereo
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