#s match, loaded with accessories. Gorgeous!

Real Super Sport, #s match 327 motor, loaded with accessories and killer factory color combination! Really, this car should be $10,000 more then any other because it is so sharp looking. Same owner the last 26 years.

EXTERIOR: I'm standing next to the car and again I'll say it's gorgeous. The fit and finish is excellent. I'm looking down the driver side and the reflection is like a mirror. Topside and passenger side are just as good. Factory ember red car. The paint is a high gloss, it even feels slick. Everything fits really nice, doors click shut. Loaded with accessories that dress it up even more- bumper gaurds, door handle and fuel door trim, dual antennae, dual bowtie mirrors and reverse lights. The trim is all beautiful. Upfront the trim on the hood looks new, good original grill, bumper is rechromed. The moldings down the sides look new and has the SS machine turned inserts. Emblems, mirrors and door handles look new. All the stainless trim around the windows and top of the doors is polished and straight. In back the bumper, aluminum insert panel, trunk trim look like new. The windshield is new, the rest of the glass is very clear. It has the original 15 inch wheels, the SS hubcaps are in really great shape. Cooper radial tires. The door jambs are glossy. The hardware- latches, bolts and light switch are detailed. Sill plates are replaced. The window seals and weatherstrips were replaced.

INTERIOR: Stunning interior. Factory white with red accents really pops. Excellent condition throughout. The correct reproduction white upholstery on the seats and doors are in excellent shape. The white headliner and visors are excellent, no wrinkles. Has Chevrolet vanity mirror on the visor. Dash area is mint. The paint is nice, all the chrome trim, knobs, heater controls, horn ring etc sparkle. Has new optional padded dash. Has optional tissue dispenser below too. Inside the glovebox is mint. Light works and there's an owner's manual. Red carpet and reproduction floormats are excellent. Has rare white deluxe seatbelts in front with bowtie logos. The console is mint, the light works. Lights under the dash and overhead work. All the bits and pieces are excellent- chrome around the seats, handles, cranks, rear speaker, armrests, pillar trim etc.

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: #s matching 327-250 hp. Has 4 barrel carb. Very nicely cleaned up and painted. Factory condition, correct manifolds, carb, GM hoses etc. It features power steering and brakes.

TRUNK COMPARTMENT: Really, a very tidy trunk compartment. All clean metal, I don't see any patches or repairs. Has a very durable coat of gray and white spatter finish. Has new 3 piece mat. Neatly and evenly applied. The spare rim and jack assembly are restored. The tire is a reproduction Silvertown that's never been used. The jamb and under the trunk lid are painted smooth and glossy. Has the jacking instructions, trunk light works and the weatherstrip is in like new condition.

UNDERSIDE: Solid metal. Looking up at the motor it is real clean. Fuel pump and starter look new, correct canisteroil filter. The original Powerglide trans was rebuilt. The exhaust is neatly bent along the X-frame, has glass pack mufflers.

I can vouch for how well it drives. A quick story: I was trailering the car home from Kentucky. Only 2 hours from home the trailer has a blowout. 1/2 hour later 2 more blowouts. With no more spares we unloaded the car. My son limped the trailer home on 2 tires. After a long day, it's late at night by now. I get in this Impala that I don't really know, wondering what kind of adventure am I in for. I'm pleased to say it drove beautifully! Smooth, comfortable with no troubles. I liked it so much I left my car at the shop and took the Impala home!

I, Jay Grams, take pride in personally writing the descriptions for virtually every car for about the last 30 years now. A significant amount of effort goes into fact checking. What I am offering is my professional impression of the vehicle.
Our salesmen are happy to assist with descriptions and making sure your questions are answered. One great suggestion is letting us do a walk around video that explains the car's condition in detail.
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#s match, loaded with accessories. Gorgeous!
Options and Accessories
  • Power steering
  • Power brakes
  • Bucket seats
  • Console
  • Padded dash
  • Tissue dispenser
  • Vanity mirror
  • Reproduction floormats
  • Rear antennae
  • Door handle gaurds
  • Bumper gaurds
  • Reverse lights
  • Bowtie mirrors
  • Gas door trim
  • 4 barrel carb
  • Dual exhaust
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