30th Anniversary Edition convertible owned by Tony Curtis.

This 30th Ann. Trans Am convertible was bought new by the legendary actor, Tony Curtis and owned by him until his passing.

The car itself is a solid investment car, the last generation Trans Am's have been increasing in value each year and will be "The Next Big Thing". This particular car is one of only 535 30th anniversary convertibles built. The WS-6 package with the Ram Air hood, blue anodized wheels, white on white colors make it extremely sharp. It has only 26k miles on it and was always serviced and cared for by Tony Curtis. Tony Curtis, with all his money, could have had any car he wanted, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, but he was a huge Pontiac enthusiast. He was an involved registered member of the Pontiac Club. When Tony passed away, his family placed items that were important to Tony in his casket, some money, pictures of family and a die-cast Trans Am model because they knew the love he had of the car. This car had not been driven on the street by anyone since Tony's passing. 100% of the miles on this car were put on by Tony. After Tony passed the car was sold during a Julien's charity auction by the Tony Curtis Estate and brought directly to our museum where it has been on display since 2011.

Tony Curtis is a legend, featured in over 100 movies he worked along side other Hollywood legends like Marlin Monroe and Cary Grant and of course Jack Lemon in the american classic The Great Race.

While we would love to continue displaying the car, we are continuously refreshing our museum inventory to keep the experience new and exciting for our guests. The purchaser of this historic automobile will also receive full documentation for the car and the display pieces seen in the museum exhibit. It is a turnkey ready to do display for your private collection or attraction.
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