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Want to find a specific classic car for sale? Be the first to know when we add your dream car to our auto inventory with our classic car locator service.

Finding a Dream Classic Car With Volo

 At Volo Auto Sales, we specialize in buying and selling vintage, muscle, antique, collector, and classic cars — all from one location outside Chicago. We buy over 1,000 collector cars every year, so we are always bringing in brand new inventory.

Our experienced team hand-selects cars from across the country based on quality, appeal, value, and desirability. Our on-site mechanics inspect each vehicle and make minor repairs to ensure our cars are in the best reasonable condition before they hit the sales floor. When you work with Volo Auto Sales, you can rest assured that you're buying a quality car from a family business with over four generations of experience.

Our Classic Car Locator Process

It's easy to get started with our collector car locator services. Follow these six steps:

  1. Let us know which car(s) interest you the most by filling out information for your first, second, and third choice.
  2. For each choice, include minimum and maximum years, make, model, and minimum and maximum price.
  3. Complete your contact information.
  4. Leave any additional comments.
  5. Subscribe to our Sales newsletter for the latest updates on new inventory.
  6. Click "Send" to submit the form.

When your dream car arrives, we'll email you automatically. Then, contact our experienced sales team to start the buying process.

Why Buy Your Car From Volo?

If you want haggle-free customer service and a quality classic car, look no further than Volo Auto Sales. We're one of the most respected names in the industry due to our fair and easy buying process. At Volo, you can take your time to test drive and get comfortable with the car of your dreams.

We offer a competitive price point for all our cars. There's no need to negotiate, so you can enjoy a smoother purchasing process. Unlike at an auction, there's no pressure to buy within a certain time frame at Volo.

When you sign up for our classic car locator service, you'll know as soon as your ideal car arrives. No need to call around or browse through listings every day — our collector and classic muscle car locator saves you time.

Get Started Today

To find your ideal classic car for sale, submit the form, and we'll notify you via email when your car arrives in our inventory.

Have a few questions for our sales team? Give us a call at 815-385-3644 or reach out online. We can't wait to help you locate your dream classic car.


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