Detailed rotisserie restoration. Old school sleeper!

Body off frame, rotisserie restoration. Rust free California car. Believed to have actual 58,000 miles. This is a genuine sleeper- biggest motor available and a 4-speed in a stripped down 2 door sedan Bel Air. Poverty wheels, no carpet and a factory radio and heater delete!

EXTERIOR: The body is pristine on this car. Laser beam straight, it fits precisely, still has the factory pinch welds around the wheel well lips. The doors and trunk click shut. The metal flake is laid out evenly and the clear coat is polished to a smooth high gloss finish. It is slick as Teflon right down to the bottom. The only flaw I could find anywhere is one nick on the front edge of the hood. It has all the original glass in excellent shape. There's some vintage style drag racing stickers on the 1/4 windows. All of the trim- side moldings, bumpers, grill are excellent. BFG radial redline tires are on painted rims with pristine poverty caps.

INTERIOR: Claimed to have it's original unabused interior, it is in excellent condition. No frills here- original rubber mat on the floor, factory radio and heater delete. It does have a factory style 4-speed shifter and vintage tachometer. The dash area is mint, steering wheel is like new, has owner's manual in the glove box. The door panels and handles are excellent. The headliner and visors are excellent. The back seat is mint, the front seat has minor gentle wear on the driver side. The original bowtie rubber floor mat is still very good.

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: Wow, look at the detail, this is certainly show quality! Every component is restored and detailed. It's actually over restored because there is a lot of high gloss finishes. Being a heater delete it has a factory cover on the firewall. There is a reproduction Delco battery and spring clamp cables. The hoses and clamps are reproduction. It even has factory crayon markings on the firewall. It has a period correct 348 big block with a performance rebuild. This motor runs strong! If I was blind folded I would think I was listening to a modified Chevelle.

TRUNK COMPARTMENT: Restored like new. Perfectly clean original metal with a nice neat gray and white spatter finish. New four piece trunk mat. Painted rim with a vintage tire for a spare. The jack is detailed. I think the bottom of the trunk lid is actually original paint.

UNDERSIDE: The body was off the frame for a detailed restoration. The floors are very clean metal painted red oxide primer. The chassis was disassembled, rebuilt and detailed. The front end is completely rebuilt and detailed in the proper finishes. Replaced control arms, ball joints, springs, shocks, bushings etc. The rear suspension has replaced shocks and bushings. Replaced fuel tank, straps, sending unit and lines. It has a custom exhaust system with cool electric dumps and Flowmaster mufflers. It neatly follows the contour of the x-frame and goes all the way out the back. The bottom of the motor is clean, it has a flywheel cover and the starter looks fresh. The 4-speed transmission, linkage and related parts are clean. The rear end has been apart and restored. The brake system was all redone. The e-brake cables are hooked up, replaced hoses, lines etc.

We have "before" restoration pictures that show it was a clean car to begin with. The quality is outstanding. The pristine body is hard to find. An original interior that almost looks new is hard to find. The detail in the motor compartment and underneath is "wow". The old school cool factor being a stripped down hot rod is awesome.

I, Jay Grams, take pride in personally writing the descriptions for virtually every car for about the last 30 years now. A significant amount of effort goes into fact checking. What I am offering is my professional impression of the vehicle.
Our salesmen are happy to assist with descriptions and making sure your questions are answered. One great suggestion is letting us do a walk around video that explains the car's condition in detail.
Don't be intimidated, contact sales now for a no pressure, no hassle experience!

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Options and Accessories
  • Vintage tachometer
  • Radial redlines
  • Radio delete
  • Heater delete
  • Exhaust dumps
  • Poverty caps
  • Owner's manual
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