Documented McBurnie built. Twin to Miami Vice.

There were 3 stars of the show Miami Vice- Crocket, Tubbs and the Daytona Spyder. We have one of the originals on permanent display in our museum. Here is your chance to own it's twin.
Only 127 original Ferrari Spyders were made and you can plan on spending a half million dollars if one becomes available. This one here is a very authentic looking recreation. Documented as built by Mcburnie, the most desirable reproduction available. He built the car used in Miami Vice. It was so good he was sued by Ferrari and production was completely stopped. Only a couple dozen were made by him. Although it looks Ferrari, it is completely 1981 Corvette driveline, chassis etc. Easily serviced by anyone that can fix a Chevy. In 2010 $9,252 was spent at a Corvette restoration shop servicing the car. It's been maintained since then.

EXTERIOR: It would take someone that knows these cars to tell it apart from an original. The McBurnie body was one piece and carefully fitted at their factory. This one has unique flip up headlights. The design, bumpers, lenses and door handles look very authentic. Fit and finish is actually really nice. No damage on the body, it fits very well. The black finish is very glossy, there are some minor flaws if you look close. This one has Zenith wire wheels with Ferrari spinners. The convertible top is black cloth. Easy to use and fits nice.

INTERIOR: The interior has been redone to look like a Ferrari. It has a Ferrari style dash and instrument panel with Stewart Warner gauges. The upholstery is all done in Connolly leather just like a Ferrari. The door panels and seats look similar to a Ferrari. Custom made center console. Features include tilt-telescopic wood rimmed wheel, power windows and a stereo with CD changer. I have the receipt for the interior, it was professionally done in the 80s. It's not abused but does show a little age.

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: Looking at the engine compartment is the same as looking at an 81 Corvette. It looks stock from the valve covers to the smog equipment. Features include air conditioning, power steering and brakes.

TRUNK COMPARTMENT: It has been boxed and carpeted.

UNDERSIDE: Underside of this car is all 1981 Corvette just as it left the factory. It has independent suspension front and back and disc brakes at all four wheels. It still has a factory catalytic converter. It uses a turbo 350 automatic transmission. Frame is solid, floors look good. It does look like it's been maintained- the rear spring bushings, shocks, power steering hoses look new. The lower rear control arms are upgraded.

This isn't a real Daytona but it is one of only a few factory built Mcburnie cars. It comes with documentation including original invoice and corespondence from Tom Mcburnie. The fact it looks just like the Miami Vice car adds a lot to its value too. It is a very desirable collectable.
Get your pastel jacket and t-shirt on and go catch some bad guys!

I, Jay Grams, take pride in personally writing the descriptions for virtually every car for about the last 30 years now. A significant amount of effort goes into fact checking. What I am offering is my professional impression of the vehicle.
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  • Power steering
  • Power brakes
  • 4 wheel disc
  • Wire wheels
  • Leather upholstery
  • Power windows
  • Flip up lights
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