Homage to the Pizza Parlors of the '80s and '90s where you can enjoy pizza and a show

showbiz pizza

Experience the excitement of pizza and live animatronic entertainment!

One of the very few pizza parlors featuring animatrinocs in existence!
jumbo pizza slice

Jumbo Pizza by the Slice

Your choice of cheese, sausage or pepperoni. Baked fresh daily.

Chuck E Cheeses own "The Beagles"

The band is back together!  After decades in retirement The Beagles are back to entertain our guests with hilarious jokes and performing songs by The Beatles.


Nachos and cheese, available daily to cure your munchies.
blue bunny ice cream

Creamy and Delicious Ice Cream Treats

From push-pops to sundaes. Proudly serving Blue Bunny ice cream.

Refreshing all Natural Smoothies 

Island Oasis all natural smoothies, no sugar or artificial flavors added, just pure goodness! 
Pirate Show

Arr!  From Pirates Cove Pizza

Smedly, Polly and the Captain will entertain you with singalongs and witty back and forth banter.
hot dogs

All Beef Hot Dogs

Fuel up on an all beef hot dog, weekends only.


Warm up with a fresh bowl of chili, weekends only.


Need to settle that sweet tooth? Have a sugary churro treat, weekends only.
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