Harrier Jump Jet

Known for their unique vertical takeoff and landing, or VTOL.
volo true lies avengers harrier jet

True Lies and Avengers

This Harrier Jump Jet is a full scale fiberglass replica that was origionally built for the movie True Lies.  After many years in the desert it made its way back on to the big screen in Avengers.  
true lies jump jet at volo museum

Two Jets in One

Because of its double movie use, when we restored it we restored one side like True Lies and the other As it was in Avengers.
avengers jump jet at volo museum

Hulk Smash

The jet was heavily damaged in the movie and it took 2 years to rebuild it.  Watch Video Here
fouga jet

The Fouga Magister

Built during the 1950's as a military training jet in France.  Top Speed 444 MPH. Watch Video
fouga jet volo

In Memory of

Donated by the Watkins Davenport family.  This jet was flown by Bill Watkin routinely until his passing.
Huey helicopter volo

Vietman VIP Huey Helicopter

This Huey Helicopter was used for VIP's during the Vietnam war.  Helicopters used for combat were painted with a flat finish.
world war ii jet engine

The First Jet Engine

During World War II, jets were still experimental.  This is a 1940's prototype jet engine.  It was mounted to a Rocket Sled for experimentation.  A rocket sled is a test platform that slides along a set of rails, propelled by rockets.
world war ii jet plane cockpit

Shot Down

This cockpit is from a shot down World War II plane.  The cockpit was salvaged and restored for exhibition and learning.